The only way we can turn around the path of decline our world is on is all together. We are not just working for climate action, but climate justice. We are not just working for environmental protection but environmental and social justice.

The first step in this process is acknowledging that the people who are causing the least damage to our planet are baring the worst impacts, and understanding that the land we live, work and play on was stolen from and never ceded by the the original inhabitants and custodians who have been looking after country for at least 60,000 years, are at the forefront of the fight to end the injustice and hold the knowledge we need to create a future.

The most basic thing non-Indigenous people can do to support self determination and sovereignty of First Nations people in this country is to sign up to Pay the Rent. It is not enough to only Pay the Rent. Treaty, advocacy, and solidarity with actions to promote, defend and support land justice are also necessary. You can learn more about being a decolonising ally at Decolonising Solidarity and Allies decolonising if you're on facebook, and joining or starting a local Decolonising group. Follow and support radical grassroots groups like Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and the Black Peoples Union.

Get stacks more information, news and incredible culture through resources like NITV, Koori Mail, Radio 3KND Kool N Deadly 1503 AM and First Nations programs on 3CR Radical Radio.

Building a strong movement for change begins with actively seeking to break the injustice that has locked us into decline, addressing the trauma this injustice has caused and is still causing, and creating communities that are welcoming to all and that actively build respect and support.

We are all dealing with unfathomable amounts of bullshit trying to live in an unjust world. It is critical that we all find out about and learn all we can about what kinds of bullshit folks who are different to each of us are dealing with so we can begin to understand different experiences of injustice, be a good to each other and work effectively together for a better world.

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