koala relaxing in gum tree

Bushfire relief for East Gippsland community and wildlife

by Eco-shout

Friday 10 of January 2020

While the Australian government utterly fails to provide adequate fire fighting resources, recovery funding, intervention for hungry and injured wildlife impacted by fire, or desperately needed climate action, donations and support are flooding in from people across the country and overseas.

Logging halted near Kinglake: locals say no to business as usual


Tuesday 15 of October 2019

For the second week in a row, local residents have walked into an active logging coupe and disrupted operations to bring attention to the ongoing destruction of Victoria's forests.

Illegal logging discovered at Ballantynes Saddle as forest blockade enters second week

Forest Conservation Victoria

Monday 13 of May 2019

This morning community group Forest Conservation Victoria discovered illegal logging of a threatened species of tree, the Tree Geebung (Persoonia arborea) in an area they have blockaded for over a week.

Blockade on Mt Baw Baw tourist road enters third day

Forest Conservation Victoria

Wednesday 8 of May 2019

Logging has been stopped on the Mt. Baw Baw tourist road at Icy Creek for a third day. A conservationist from Forest Conservation Victoria (FCV) is suspended in a tree 25 metres off the ground on a platform tied to logging machinery.

Second peaceful protest established to protect Toolangi’s forests

Forest Conservation Victoria

Friday 1 of March 2019

Community group Forest Conservation Victoria (FCV) have returned for the second week in a row to halt logging operations in high-conservation-value forests in Toolangi, north east of Melbourne. The Castella forest block where logging started last week is home to the critically endangered Barred Galaxias fish as well as Koalas and the nationally vulnerable Greater Glider.

Government authorities disrupt peaceful protest at Granite Mountain, East Gippsland

Forest Conservation Victoria

Wednesday 13 of February 2019

Victoria's first forest blockade for 2019 has been disrupted by state government authorities at Granite Mountain in East Gippsland and a conservationists life put at risk.

Forest blockade continues to stop logging of East Gippsland's old growth forests

Forest Conservation Victoria

Wednesday 6 of February 2019

Logging of old growth forests at Granite Mountain in East Gippsland has been successfully halted into the third day. The camp has been visited by logging contractors and VicForests representatives, but government authorities are yet to arrive on site.

What does 26 January mean to a 22 year old Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrong woman?

By Sissy Austin

Wednesday 25 of January 2017

Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrong woman Sissy Austin was born in 1994, the year that 26 January became a public holiday in Australia. Here she describes how it feels to witness the annual celebration of the day, 229 years ago, when this land was declared 'nobody's land' and stolen from her people.

Decolonising solidarity: how to not be accidentally annoying and racist when working with Indigenous people

By Clare Land

Sunday 30 of August 2015

Aboriginal people are at the forefront of many environmental campaigns around Australia. However, managing the relationship with environmental allies can become a struggle in itself. In her new book Decolonizing Solidarity, Clare Land explores the dynamics between these two groups who together could become a more powerful force.

On the road with anti-nuclear activism – the Radioactive Exposure Tour

By Jemila Rushton

Monday 20 of April 2015

This June the Radioactive Exposure Tour will travel almost 5000 kilometres through three states exposing people to the reality of radioactive racism, the impacts of uranium mining, radioactive waste and nuclear expansion. Jemila Rushton reports on her first Rad Tour in 2014 and what's coming up this year.

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