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What does 26 January mean to a 22 year old Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrong woman?

By Sissy Austin

Wednesday 25 of January 2017

Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrong woman Sissy Austin was born in 1994, the year that 26 January became a public holiday in Australia. Here she describes how it feels to witness the annual celebration of the day, 229 years ago, when this land was declared 'nobody's land' and stolen from her people.

Decolonising solidarity: how to not be accidentally annoying and racist when working with Indigenous people

By Clare Land

Sunday 30 of August 2015

Aboriginal people are at the forefront of many environmental campaigns around Australia. However, managing the relationship with environmental allies can become a struggle in itself. In her new book Decolonizing Solidarity, Clare Land explores the dynamics between these two groups who together could become a more powerful force.

On the road with anti-nuclear activism – the Radioactive Exposure Tour

By Jemila Rushton

Monday 20 of April 2015

This June the Radioactive Exposure Tour will travel almost 5000 kilometres through three states exposing people to the reality of radioactive racism, the impacts of uranium mining, radioactive waste and nuclear expansion. Jemila Rushton reports on her first Rad Tour in 2014 and what's coming up this year.

Radioactive racism in the Wild West – WA takes aim at remote communities

By Mia Pepper

Thursday 16 of April 2015

Pushing Aboriginal people off their land for mining interests is nothing new in Western Australia, but Premier Barnett's plans to close 150 communities and gut the Aboriginal Heritage Act takes it to a new level, reports Mia Pepper

Seven climate myths blocking the action we need to avoid devastation

By David Spratt

Tuesday 28 of October 2014

The stated purpose of international climate negotiations is to avoid dangerous climate change. But climate policy analyst David Spratt says existing conditions are already sufficient to create catastrophic breakdown. So what are the seven myths preventing action appropriate to this emergency situation?

Reclaiming democracy – how an industry has captured the democratic process

By Aidan Ricketts

Tuesday 24 of June 2014

What lies behind the visceral battle between Australian rural communities and the collective force of the mining and petroleum industry is a battle to reclaim democracy itself. Long time forest and CSG activist Aidan Ricketts discusses the deep corruption behind the deals.

May The Force be with you – the power of divestment

By Govind Maksay

Friday 20 of June 2014

Ever stopped to consider how your hard earned cash might be assisting the expansion of the fossil fuel industry? Market Forces is a grassroots group storming the Australian divestment scene. Divestment campaigner Govind Maksay tells us how our filthy lucre can be a force for good.

Good news for East Gippsland's forests, forty years coming

By Jill Redwood

Tuesday 3 of June 2014

On 12 May, logging company VicForests announced that the Eden based woodchip giant South East Fibre Exports will stop buying woodchips and logs sourced from East Gippsland's forests at the end of this year. This is momentous news after forty years of campaigning for the areas protection. Does it mean the end of logging in East Gippsland?

Deep greenwash – avoiding the dodgy and beyond

By Sarah Day

Tuesday 20 of May 2014

Now that most businesses are well aware a significant chunk of their potential market cares about being ethical, shops are bursting with stuff for sale that claims to be eco-friendly, sustainable, green and all round excellent for the planet. Do you believe it?

I got the Polyethylene Terephthalate Summertime Blues

By Sarah Day

Sunday 9 of February 2014

Ah summer, my sweet sweaty friend. My barefoot companion and sunny soul mate. How sandy your shores, how salty your sea. How colourful the plastic debris, a-washed upon your periphery.


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