koala relaxing in gum tree

Why ask for action when you can take it?

By Sarah Day

Tuesday 26 of November 2013

Climate change. What more is there to say? For anyone still under the impression there's some kind of debate (a belief easily achieved by reading The Australian) NASA reports that 97% of climate scientists agree – it's people causing the planet to perspire.

Talkin' trash with the Two Hands Project

By Sarah Day

Tuesday 8 of October 2013

Paul Sharp has changed the way people think about plastic pollution all over the world, and he's done it with little more than his own two hands. So what's the secret of tiny groups making a massive difference? Is it time for peak groups to take a masterclass in back to basics?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, is it illegal?

By Jill Redwood

Wednesday 7 of August 2013

Why must it take a tiny environment group to force a government to obey its own laws on threatened species? Jill Redwood wonders what happened to the Victorian Government's morals.


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