Centre for Australian Progress

The Centre for Australian Progress is a new organisation dedicated to building the advocacy capacity of Australia's civil society. Our key programs include training, community building events and incubation of new collaborative projects. We work to help Australian campaigners be more than the sum of their parts. Through coordination, messaging research, knowledge sharing and skills-training we help campaigners deliver at a higher level. Where the social sector lacks the capacity or forward-planning to engage in public debate on vital issues facing Australia, we help incubate major coalitions and new ventures.

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Make your actions count! CounterAct was launched to support communities in taking effective, creative, strategic action on issues of environmental and social justice.

Across the country we are seeing a growing network of concerned citizens taking on large multinationals and government to defend their right to clean air, water, a safe climate and for social justice. CounterAct the corporate-government system with training and skills to grow your community or campaign. CounterAct will be providing training in direct action skills, campaigning and community organising across Australia. We aim to increase capacity and skills amongst grassroots activists whilst encouraging a culture of skill sharing, on-training and making activism accessible for everyday folk.

Check out the resources available to strengthen your campaign on our website. Keep up to date about training and skillshares held across Australia.

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Diaspora Action Australia

DAA provides training opportunities for diaspora organisations promoting human rights in places of war and conflict. This includes relevant training from external sources and specifically designed workshops coordinated by DAA including organisational development, fundraising and campaigning.

These sessions combine theory and practical so participants can build their activism skills. They also provide an open space for collaboration and networking with other community organisations.

Workshops are facilitated by people who have specialised knowledge, often through first-hand experience of conflict, and offer real-world advice about how to find practical support and resources in Australia.

Level 4 Ross House 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
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Plan to Win

Plan to Win assists individuals and groups to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world. The challenges we face on our planet today require powerful social movements made up of passionate, skilled and resilient leaders. There are lessons to be learnt from past movements, useful tools and theories, and abundant creativity to keep coming up with fresh solutions. Plan to Win works with you to: clarify your vision for the future, understand current power relationships and political context, develop effective campaigns, grow your organisation, deepen and broaden the capacity of your people and build community power for change.

PO Box 306 Brunswick East VIC 3057
0421 508 446
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Southern Cross University Summer Law School

The SCU school of Law and Justice regularly offers a course on Public Interest Advocacy. Effective advocacy requires a broad legal knowledge that transects the traditional demarcations between different branches of the law. Important aspects of other disciplines such as mediation, dispute resolution, and social, political and media skills are also required.

The School of Law and Justice is offers the unit some years and not others depending on interest as part of its Byron bay Summer Law School.

This unit aims to introduce students to a broad range of skills and techniques necessary to bring about useful social change in a highly corporatised and technocratic society and to develop their capabilities as effective advocates of public interest concerns in both a formal legal environment, as well as in a broader social context.

The Summer Law School is ideal for students, lawyers, industry professionals, senior administrators and those requiring knowledge and understanding from the units on offer.

Military Road East Lismore NSW 2480
1800 626 481


The Change Agency

The Change Agency is an independent social movement education initiative. We work with community organisers and activists in the Australia Pacific region to help people win social and environmental change. We develop, collect and share tools to help activists and community organisers define and achieve their goals. We research social change to learn what works, and draw on action research to inform our facilitation and educational work. We lead workshops with people working for a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

PO Box 15 Islington NSW 2296
0431 150 928


The Sunrise Project

The Sunrise Project is a lean collaborative outfit that educates, supports and empowers Australian communities to protect our land, water, community health and the global climate from the negative impacts of the fossil fuel industry, and to hasten the inevitable shift to an efficient, renewable energy economy. The Project provides information, training, strategy support, research and analysis and small grants for organisations and communities that are striving to change the world for the better – in line with our mission and vision.

Our program focuses on: making the regulatory system work, protecting water resources and food producing land, protecting community health, protecting the Great Barrier Reef, global environmental justice and separation of coal and the state.


VOCSS Clearing House

The Victorian Council of Social Services Training and Development Clearinghouse is a centralised, user-friendly and community sector-specific service designed to assist community sector organisations to find training quickly and simply. The clearinghouse includes a database of recommended trainers, a calendar of low cost training, conferences, seminars and events and advice for community groups who want to engage a skilled volunteer.

L8/128 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9235 1000

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