You Can Heal Yourself Association

Friday, 9 November 2018 - 1:00pm to Sunday, 11 November 2018 - 10:00pm
Rocky Creek Campsite, 3246 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah, Sunshine Coast

The Aim of the Festival:

To learn and expand everyone’s knowledge on how to move forward toward living in a sustainable world, from what the person in the City can do, to the person living on the land. A community formed for the betterment of the Earth allowing the exchange of ideas and spreading the message of healing the person and the planet, reaching out to others on what can be done and how easy it is to start protecting and healing Mother Earth.

What will be happening at the Festival:

The impact we will make on all those that attend the festival will be that they start to think about what is happening to the Earth and by even doing one thing then their journey has begun and with the accomplishment of that one thing they won't be scared to try another. As confidence grows word will spread on how easy it actually is to accomplish that task and with that accomplishment, they feel better about themselves, we will do this through Talks, Workshops, Educational Precinct, Music, Art, Culture and Gatherings

Our Goals for the Festival:

Help others to start on the path of healing themselves, communities and the earth. Expand their thinking from themselves to their surroundings. We will accomplish these goals by ensuring that the educators and exhibitors we have at the Festival are there for the right reasons, providing a safe environment for attendees to learn and feel free to discuss, ask questions and to participate in all that is happening. Our goal will be met by creating small communities of attendees that live in nearby areas to each other so they can give each other ongoing support and encouragement.

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