Royal Society of Victoria

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 - 1:30pm
The Royal Society of Victoria, 8 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Join us for the fourth in this series of public lectures, looking at the scientific evidence base informing the modernisation of Victoria's Regional Forest Agreements. You will hear from scientific experts leading the assessment of Victoria’s public forest values and join the panel discussion to follow.

At this lecture, speakers will be addressing Criterion 5 of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability's State of the Forests Report, "Maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles." This criterion assesses the total forest ecosystem biomass and carbon pool by forest type, age class and successional stage, and the contribution of forest ecosystems to the global greenhous gas balance.

*Livestream available from about 1:30pm on the day from the Royal Society of Victoria's Facebook site: *

"Assessing the carbon stability of fire-tolerant forests in fire-prone landscapes." - Lauren Bennett

"Opportunities for Victoria's Traditional Owners and Catchment Management Authorities to participate in the carbon market." - Zoe Ryan

Other topics to be confirmed closer to the date; further speakers include Rod Keenan and Heather Keith.

About the Speakers
*Ms Zoe Ryan is passionate about implementation of climate mitigation activities in the land-sector. For most of her career she has worked in forestry, and more recently on sustainable agriculture. In her current role, Zoe is Head of Business Development at Climate Friendly, where she leads a team investigating new land-based carbon abatement opportunities. She grew up on a farm in north-east Victoria.

*Associate Professor Lauren Bennett is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne, with research experience in the ecology and ecosystem processes of natural vegetation encompassing grasslands, woodlands and forests. Her current research focuses on forest carbon dynamics, particularly understanding interactions with changing climates and fire regimes.

*Dr Heather Keith is a forest ecologist in the Fenner School of Environment and Society at ANU. Her research is about biophysical processes in forest ecosystems, particularly carbon and nutrient cycles, from the experimental scale to landscape analysis. Quantification of the impacts of natural and human disturbances on ecosystems contributes to understanding the implications of forest management for climate change mitigation policy.

*Professor Rod Keenan is a senior member of the Environmental Social Sciences Group in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences at the University of Melbourne. This Group focuses on the interaction between human and biophysical elements of urban, rural and wildland ecosystems and landscapes. Rod has research interests in forests and climate change, forest ecosystem services and forest and environmental policy. He has undertaken research across Australia, in Canada, Papua New Guinea and in South East Asia. Rod has worked as a research scientist and science advisor to Australian governments on forests and climate change. From 2009-14 he was Director of the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research, a research partnership between Victorian universities, and is was a member and Chair of the UN-FAO Advisory Group for the Global Forest Resource Assessment from 2003 to 2015.

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