Fix NSW Transport coalition

Saturday, 11 August 2018 -
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Sydney Town Hall
New South Wales

NSW has become a joke when it comes to transport. Gladys is wasting $45 billion on #WestCONnex and other toll roads while public transport is falling to pieces. The cost blowouts and secrecy are frightening.

The train timetable doesn't work, the drivers are overworked, the trains are packed and the stations are inaccessible for the mobility impaired. What public transport is being built is unfit for purpose, and designed for privatisation and private overdevelopment. Planners have been told not to consider public transport and instead to push private tollroads.

Massive tolls on previously free roads are being inflicted on car dependent communities. Private toll operators have a near monopoly on the motorways and through their political donations control the major parties.

Interstate high speed rail seems further away than ever. It has the potential to provide sustainable long distance transport from renewable electricity and plenty of jobs. Instead our leaders are focussed on a toll road to a new airport.

Outer Sydney homes and farms are threatened by new motorway corridors designed on the back of an envelope. These precious areas provide green corridors and local food production and must be retained. Heritage in Windsor is being trashed.

Our car dependency is killing us. Obesity is a national epidemic. We must encourage active transport - walking and cycling should be the first choice for short trips and getting to school. Safe cycling lanes must be built and the war on cycling must stop.

Despite international students providing a huge boost to the NSW economy and knowledge industry jobs, we are the only state in Australia where they cannot get travel concession cards.

Deaths from heavy trucks on local streets have spiked and shows no sign of improvement. Transport experts recommendations to put the majority of freight onto rail have been ignored for 40 years.

Newcastle's rail line has been ripped up, the whole system is being privatised and the people are fuming.

You might think that transport is a rational issue where decisions are made in the best interests of the public and the problem will be fixed by 'the experts'. It will not. The vested interests have taken control. We the people must become active and fight back.

We must build a massive movement that will stand up and force change ourselves.

If you support this vision, join us for the Fix NSW Transport - City Lantern Walk on August 11th.

Email to send your group's endorsement or get copies of a flyer with a customised message to distribute in your area.

Lantern workshops to be announced.

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