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Saturday, 16 May 2020 - 4:00am to Sunday, 17 May 2020 - 4:00am
The Hague, Netherlands

The most critical decade for climate justice has now begun. As part of a rapid transition programme, all 'carbon majors' have to be radically and responsibly restructured. The political will may still not be there, but people power is getting stronger than ever before.

In the Netherlands, it is up to civil society and grassroots organisations to rise to this historical challenge. We are combining our forces to reign over, decommission and 'sunset' Royal Dutch Shell by any legal, political and economic means possible.

Conference Program
We will convene and facilitate the convergence of a diversity of stakeholders, ranging from impacted community leaders and union organisers to campaigners and scholars. There will be panels, round tables and workshops to share experiences, insights and strategies. We will learn from and empower each other and find common ground to address our grievances without leaving anyone behind.

Cultural Program
A space dedicated to exhibitions, performances and creativity will be open to all in parallel to the conference. The curated content will inform the general public on the colonial-extractivist history of the company as well as the histories of frontline, indigenous and grassroots resistance. Cultural producers will engage the audience to look into the future and imagine the thriving communities of tomorrow.

Publication of Report
We conduct multi-disciplinary research on pathways to decommission Shell and to enable democratic ownership and control of the energy sector. The findings will be presented at the Summit and published as a synthetic report. We will disseminate the content in an accessible, popular format so that everybody can be informed and involved in putting the theories of just transition into transformative practice.

People's Assembly
We will provide a forum where everyone can have the opportunity to contribute to a deliberative democratic process, for building a broader social consensus about the future of the energy system. The outcome will be a resolution to be endorsed by hundreds of civil society organisations, broadening our coalition that will declare their active engagement in a just transition in the Netherlands and beyond.

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