Transition Australia in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion, BZE, NENA, Sustain, School Strike for Climate and more

Sunday, 15 September 2019 -
9:00am to 5:00pm
RMIT Storey Hall (336 - 348 Swanston Street, Melbourne)

It’s no exaggeration to say that we face a crisis. We need to do more than reduce emissions, pollution, waste and habitat destruction but rapidly reverse course to enable developing countries to bring their populations out of poverty... It can be daunting! Bringing together 9 different activist groups from the political, technical and human spheres, this conference takes the challenge to match the scale of the problems with the scale required to solve them based on three foundations and three key questions.

  • How do we more effectively work together?
  • What can we imagine as a life-sustaining future for generations to come?
  • How do we promote interdependent, powerful and visible action that meets the scale of the challenge?

Agenda for the Day

Session 1: The Scale of the Problem; The Urgency of the Solution
This session is all about setting the scene. We will come together as a group and honestly acknowledge the scope of our task whilst identifying how we will work in challenge, but with kindness and hope to face the key questions

Session 2: The Political, the Technical and the Human
To face the level and complexity of our challenges we need change at many levels. We need our decision makers to be courageous and visionary, our plan to be science based and powerful, and people to experience firsthand that whilst the future will be different, it could be a more rewarding and fulfilling one.

Session 3 Open Space Technology: Bringing the political, technical and human together to create action.
Anyone who has ever been part of an open space technology session knows what a powerful process it is. It harnesses the passions and wisdom of those in the room under the ‘Law of Two Feet’ to take the action from the previous session and ask how we can bring it together to create powerful, interdependent and visible action.

Session 4: Where to from here: The head, the heart and the hands?
In this session we bring together the work of the day both in Melbourne but also connect to our other events in Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia to bring ‘Networks to Action’. We will develop statements of action but also hear from speakers about looking after ourselves and maintaining hope in this challenging journey.

Close: Moving forward together
We will finish the day as we began, coming together in a spirit of collaboration, challenge but also care and compassion. We will acknowledge the work to be done, celebrate the challenges that lie ahead and affirm a commitment that powerful actions come from passion, action and inter-connection.

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