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Wednesday, 3 February 2016 - 6:00pm

Our Permaculture Design Course focuses on creative facilitation which is fun, engaging and hands on. We believe that there are many ways in which people can learn, and try to cover as many teaching styles as possible in order to compliment individual learning styles.
Join us for an interative, hands on, practical and immersive Permaculture Course!

Our PDC follows the 72 (+) hr framework, with information, processes and inspiration compiled from a range of Permaculture Pioneers and Faciliators, including Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Clayfield, Graeme George, Virginia Solomon, Dave Jacke, Darren Doherty and more.
Taj Scicluna (The Perma Pixie) and Tamara Griffiths (Moonrise School of Permaculture) have studied with the people mentioned above, and have completed various facilitation training courses to ensure the delivery method of material is engaging and interesting.

The PDC is an internationally recognized qualification within the Permaculture movement, although it is not an accredited course through a Registered Training Organization. It is Education for the people, by the people.

A Permaculture Design Course is based on strategies and ideas for Regenerative Living. Upon completion each participant will understand Permaculture Design Principles and present their own Permaculture Design, with the facilitators offering ongoing Mentor Support and Resources not only throughout the duration of the course, but post commencement.

As Facilitators, we are passionate about spreading Permaculture to every individual, and provide care for our students well-being and learning.

Our Courses are unique as classes provide a break from the regular 'chalk and talk' academic environment, focusing on each persons learning style to give a variety of teaching methods and processes that compliment the diversity of a group.

You will learn how to make more informed and conscious choices, you will develop an understanding of the Natural world, you will design various garden, housing and social systems for wholistic outcomes, you will get your hands dirty and rediscover the radical responsibility we have to the Earth that sustains us.

Topics include:

- Permaculture Ethics and Principles
- Methods of Design
- Plant and Animal Systems
- Ecology and Pattern Understanding
- Trees and Transactions
- Food Forests
- Soil Structure, Biology and Chemistry
- Climate
- Water and Hydrology
- Topography and Earthworks
- Bioregions and Ecological Vegetation Classes
- Alternative Economic, Transportation and Social Structures

...To name a few.


Next Course commences 2016
$700 or $550 Concession
Dandenong Ranges

February 3rd - June 25th
Wednesdays from 6pm-9:30pm
4 Saturday Classes
(Sunday Practical course to be announced in the near Future!)

The course will run Wednesday nights from 6:00pm - 9:30pm, to ensure people can go about their daily lives and still have a fruitful learning experience. There are 4 Saturday classes for hands on activities, field trips and Presentation day.

Each participant will receive a Permaculture Design Course Booklet by Gaiacraft, as well as additional handouts compiled from various sources and written both by Tamara Griffiths and The Perma Pixie.

For Bookings:

What past students are saying:
"and the food was amazing"
Anthony Connell

"I started the Permaculture Course as a convert. I loved the relaxed teaching style, the lack of academia was refreshing and yet the information was all there if you really wanted it. Real adult learning and a huge commitment to the values of Permaculture by the teachers was evident. We started as a disparate bunch of people and ended up as a family. Lots of support was offered to keep you up to date and there was no pressure to “perform” when we did our presentations. If you want to sit behind a desk and not interact this particular course is not for you. If you are open hearted and want to explore new and sometimes challenging ways of being and thinking then sign up now."

Shakti Mclaren Nurse/Midwife/Family Therapist/ Yoga Teacher/Activist and co-founder of Belgrave Lantern Parade and The Hills Food Frontier Inc. Jan 2016.

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