Warburton Environment

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 - 12:00pm
Victorian Parliament, Spring St

An estimated 1.25 billion animals have died in the bushfire crisis thus far.

Our forests have been decimated by these unprecedented fires. A few weeks ago, a leaked federal government report exposed that 31 per cent of the state's rainforests had already gone up in flames, as well as 24 per cent of wet or damp forests, and 34 per cent of lowland forests. This large loss of habitat is pushing species such as the greater glider, leadbeaters possum, sooty owl, powerful owl and smoky mouse towards extinction.

Whilst we still do not know what the full extent of the damage will be to our unique flora and fauna, a precautionate approach towards our forest management must be taken, to not further endanger our environment.

This is why logging in our unburnt forests must end until a proper assessment of the environmental effects of the fire is completed and the action plans for threatened species are reanalysed.

Just 3 km from Warburton, A logging coupe called Apu could be clearfelled in a few weeks. Locals are concerned for threatened species habitat, the local tourism industry, the effect on water and of the increasked fire risk.

We are rallying to protect the unburnt forest and wildlife.

We will gather on the steps of State Parliament, on Tuesday the 18th February at 12pm. This is the date that the case of Wildlife Of The Central Highlands VS VicForest will heard in the Supreme Court.

We gather to protest against the ongoing destruction of the unburnt native forests.

This grassroots community gathering will be wearing black as we are grieving the horrific loss of wildlife and habitat. Please bring banners, placards and costumes if you wish.

VicForest is behaving like it is Business as Usual. It is not.

These fires have changed everything.

Photo opportunity at 12.30pm.


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