Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

Tuesday, 5 February 2019 - 6:00pm
Federation Square, corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne

DATE CHANGE! This is now happening in February

UPDATE: Gavin McInnes is now touring Australia with British Fascist Tommy Robinson.

Figurehead of the American alt- right, Gavin McInnes is coming to Melbourne.

Hot on the heels of other far right luminaries, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and Nigel Farage, Proud Boy Gavin McInnes and free wheeling fascist sympathiser Milo Yianoppolous are coming to Australia in November and December.

It seems the global far right wants to make Australia their home. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Australia is built on genocide, thrives on racism and is knee deep in a backlash against women and LGBTI people. These far right figures want to come to this country, make some cash, and help cohere a 21st century alt-right down under. We, in the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, want to stop them. We want them to rue the day they chose to come to Melbourne. We want to raise our voices in solidarity rather than division and hate. Join us!

Who is McInnes?
"McInnes plays host to a subscription-based online TV talk show from a tiny studio in Manhattan's garment district, wearing dapper suits and spraying racial and sexual-orientation epithets while beating the drum for libertarian politics, Father Knows Best gender roles, closed borders, Islamophobia and something he calls "Western chauvinism," a dream made manifest through a fraternal order he founded called the Proud Boys"

Who are the Proud Boys?
Far right organisation that engages in bizarre ritual, aggressive masculinity and a commitment to "Western civilisation."
They say they are peaceful but one counter example demonstrates the fallacy to that claim. In Portland on 30 June, a man in Proud Boys colors taunted counter-protesters through a bullhorn. “Illegals,” he said, should have their heads “smashed into the concrete”. Another man marched alongside the group and yelled racist slurs. Other Patriot Prayer rallies at which Proud Boys have been present have drawn members of far-right groups including Cascade Legion and Identity Evropa.

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