The Save Movement

Friday, 18 October 2019 - 3:00pm
Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne

As part of the Day of Activism hosted by the Animal Activist Forum, The Save Groups of Melbourne are holding a city rally to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals. We will be advocating on their behalf, helping people understand what veganism is and how they can make the transition to cruelty free living. As always, this is a family-friendly and peaceful event.

About the movement
The Save Movement is a worldwide network of groups bearing witness to farmed animals, advocating veganism, & promoting love-based grassroots activism.

Our principles are:

  1. We are all equal. We want to create a world where all animals have equal moral consideration and are considered “persons” not “property”.

  2. We demonstrate the positive impacts of a vegan lifestyle on animals, the environment and health issues.

  3. We motivate people to become activists and organizers as everyone has a duty to bear witness to animal exploitation, climate impacts and social injustice. We need to meet the animals at the slaughterhouses, auctions and animal farms and try to help them.

  4. We are a non-violent grassroots movement. We use a love-based community organizing approach in our outreach communications. We are non-judgemental and avoid blaming. We believe that using non-violent strategies and tactics is the right and most effective way to bring about change.

  5. We recognize the importance of using a "Momentum-driven organising", inspired by Extinction Rebellion, to achieve food system change to end animal agriculture and fi­shing. We need to mobilise at least 3.5% of the population in mass protests.

  6. We believe in mass training where we can all learn, plan and act in order to take our movement to a higher level of organizing and achieve our objectives more quickly. We encourage mass training in nonviolent direct action, nonviolent communication, campaign planning, momentum organizing and self-care. We are organizing meetups and training's for all volunteers and organizers to become more focused and effective activists for the animals, the planet and health.

  7. Our movement is anti-speciesist. We are against all forms of discrimination based on arbitrary characteristics such as species, race, gender, etc.

  8. We welcome everyone in the movement. We want to create a safe environment. We want activists to pay attention to self-care and to take care of each other.

  9. We invite everyone to participate and encourage leadership in everyone. Our movement is democratic with a horizontal structure. We have a set of global principles which guide local autonomous chapters.

  10. Anyone who follows these core principles and values can form an Animal Save, Climate Save or Health Save Movement chapter.

We hope to see you on the steps of H&M, Bourke Street Mall. Please come and support us and the animals!

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