The School of Self-Sufficiency - Workshop Weekend

Friday, 20 February 2015 - 3:00pm to Sunday, 22 February 2015 - 8:30pm
Agari Permaculture Farm - Longwood VIC

Creative Collectives are celebrating the Sustainable Living Festival by hosting an awesome workshop weekend at one of our favourite permaculture farms – Agari Permaculture Farm, Longwood, VIC. With a line-up of 6 wonderful workshops to engage your head, heart and hands in a casual outdoor learning environment for all ages. This month will be learning about Mushroom Science, Soil Health, practising making Fermentations, trying Pilates, building with Cob and making recycled Pallet Furniture.

1. Mushroom Science with Jesse Robertson

Jesse is the fountain of knowledge on mycology, fermentation, composting and all things that will save the world. Enjoy spending 2 hours with him and soaking up the knowledge of his passion: Mushrooms!!!

2. Soil Science

Soil is a delicate and complex creature, the life blood of our earth and the mother of our food. So why is it that so many people, including farmers, know so little about it. It’s time to make the change and start the process of learning about soil so that you can make the appropriate decisions in your home garden, farm or community garden. This will be an extremely interesting and informative topic for all.

3. Fermentation with Dani Wolff-Chambers

There’s nothing better than learning how to preserve foods and use their naturally occurring elements to develop new communities of micro-organisms that are amazingly resilient and good for our health. In this 2 hour cooking class she will teach you the art of making her favourite fermentation, speak of the health benefits and explore recipe possibilities.

“The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous helpful enzymes as well as antibiotic and anti carcinogenic substances. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine.” – Sally Fallon, co-author of Nourishing Traditions.

4. Pilates with Aureile Aya.

Learn the basic principles of Pilates and take home exercises that don’t require fancy and expensive equipment. The workshop will help you use your body in a more efficient way so that you can do more of what you like to do. Aureile has a level 2 certificate with the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) and is a great teacher for all levels.

5. Cobbing with Campbell Imray

Learn how to make the perfect cob mix hands-on….or shall I say feet-on for those of you who want to enjoy the mixing of cob through stomping and dancing. Campbell will take us through the process and teach us by building a cob fire bath together that the Agari community can enjoy.

6. Pallet Craft with Ralph Nottingham

Ralph loves to transform recycled scrap timber into awesome furniture, giving it a new life and purpose. He’ll take us through the tricks of the trade and help us make some stunning furniture to add to the Agari Farm to thank them for having us along for this wonderful event. You will learn skill that you can adapt to your home environment and start creating your own wonderful furniture for free timbers in your area.

Accommodation and Meals

LOCATION: This workshop will be held at Agari Permaculture Farm, Longwood, VIC. A unique workshop space that inspires and empowers people to create the life they want to live. Encouraging pressure free environments where workshop participants can flourish creatively and show us what they are passionate about. Exact address sent upon booking.

Accommodation will be BYO camping: Communal camping onsite in the farm paddock. Please bring all of your camping gear. Facilities include composting loo, bush style showers and tea kitchen. More info about facilities will be sent in the info pack sent out upon booking.

Meals are BYO, collaborative and communal: All guests will be asked to bring a $10-20 box of food to contribute to the feasts. Friday night will be a pot luck welcome dinner, and Saturday and Sunday meals will be prepared by the Creative Collectives team so you can all relax and enjoy the workshops full-time. Note: Breakfast will be solo, please bring what you need to prepare your own.

Workshop price:

The Sustainable Living Festival Workshop Weekend will be $165 per person or $150 for early birds and includes 3 nights camping and attendance to the 6 workshops with all equipment provided (you may be asked to bring a few small items – please check orientation form for more details). The event will be open from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Visitors are welcome to pack up slowly on Monday and take some time to enjoy the property and surrounds. If you work full-time you can come for Sat & Sun only and won’t miss any of the workshops. We like to make our guests feel spoiled so there will be little extra treats, activities, games and entertainment wherever possible. Workshops bring a natural community vibe so participant will also get to experience the fun of living in a community for the weekend.

Kids Welcome for Free: We want to make the workshop accessible to families too so kids under 12 are welcome to come for FREE – just email us and let us know how many little ones your bring after you’ve booked your ticket.

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