Telopea Mountain Permaculture

Saturday, 6 February 2016 - 9:00am to Thursday, 11 February 2016 - 5:30pm
Telopea Mountain Permaculture

6 day skill, confidence and tool building course existing or aspiring teachers, trainers, facilitators and group leaders.
Presented and Facilitated by Robin Clayfield from SE Q’ld
Hosted by Pete the Permie and Sylvia of Telopea Mtn Permaculture

Course Overview

  • The course equips people with the understanding and skills of what is 'best practice', leading edge' learning and facilitation methods through immersion and practical hands on experiences.
  • It models and creatively empowers participants to create their own Dynamic Groups through putting together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of what is important and often essential for effective learning and group work to be successful. This aspect probably makes it the most holistic learning methodology around. The 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' Methodology is used as the basis for the course and by the end everyone has had the experience that 'Magic happens in dynamic groups and learning happens easily'. Not only do they have this experience but they often get to feel what its like to facilitate this for others in the group.
  • It's about achieving more confidence, fluency and often mastery in the art and skill of facilitating learning as opposed to presenting or teaching information using methods taught in Uni or Teacher Training colleges.
  • It's not designed to assist people to teach a specific subject or topic though it does do that naturally. It's aimed at supporting people to facilitate, teach, train or present any topic or subject or lead a meeting or group in a way that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience. The success of these 'Dynamic Groups' is measured by smiling faces and virtually 100% positive feedback.
  • Creative planning methods and resource development bring much colour and aliveness to the course.
  • A huge 'toolbox' is built and expands throughout the course, full of creative processes, 'glue processes', all kinds of appropriate and useful processes.
  • The things that really set it apart from other learning methodologies and courses is the interactive learning environment, the creative processes and the underlying commitment to the empowerment of every people and the group as a whole.

About the facilitator
Robin Clayfield is an International Facilitator, Educator, Social Change Agent, Permaculture Pioneer and Author from Queensland Australia. She brings over 3 decades of Permaculture Facilitation, her cutting edge ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology plus abundant skills, processes, passion and a deep love of group work and caring for people.

We commit to delivering to you a diverse and comprehensive, positive educational experience. We ask you to aim to attend the whole course. We do however understand that sometimes circumstances may prevent this, in which case we ask that you notify us in good time when you will be absent. We will in turn attempt to keep you up to speed with what you have missed.

Prerequisites for attendance
None, though many involved will have a fluency in permaculture so some understanding of this will be useful though not essential.

Course culture
We recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge and areas of interest to bring to the course. We use group work, creative and interactive processes, discussions, slide shows, observation, games and practical activities as learning methods.

This course is not just about imparting information, it is also about feeling empowered to integrate the learnings into your own life. We use practical and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively and inclusive course.

Accessibility and inclusion
We hope to make our courses accessible to all. Please talk to Robin or Peter if you have any unique circumstances that need to be considered in order for you to participate, and we will do our best to design a way to accommodate you.

Nearer the time we will send out a group email that lets you know more details about course and arrival times and for you to self organize any lift and taxi sharing.

$1090 - Includes lunch, morning tea, cuppas, handouts, resources and tuition. (If doing ‘Dynamic Decision Making’ course on 4th February cost is $1200 for both).

Local accommodation can be sourced.

Hosted and Organised by Telopea Mtn Permaculture

Booking Email
Mob 0418 665 880
Enquire about possible RPL for 3 Diploma of Permaculture units after doing this and the Decision Making course.

Facilitation and Content enquiries email

We look forward to sharing the 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' course with you, inspiring you and providing many tools and gifts to take home.

Further details, such as directions, what to bring etc. will be sent to you with confirmation of your booking.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this dynamic skill building course with you in February.

Best wishes,

Robin and Peter

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