Urban Eco Symposium 2015

Monday, 30 March 2015 - 1:45pm to Wednesday, 1 April 2015 - 1:45pm
RMIT, Swanston St, Melbourne

Australia's cities will experience significant population growth in the coming decades. Pressure is increasing on ecosystems, resources and human well-being in the built environment. The UrbanEco Symposium will challenge future stakeholders to consider these issues and devise practical solutions to enable planning, design and management for a sustainable future.

Guest speakers include: Professor Ekhart Hahn, regarded as one of the pioneers of urban and regional ecological planning who is joining us from Germany; along with many other recognised leaders within various industries.

One dilemma in addressing planetary limits, which include limits of natural resources, population growth, bio-diversity loss, climate change and food supply is that these trends are often dealt with in isolation. All of our planetary limits are connected and are most keenly felt in concentration at urban centres globally. The imperative for change is upon humanity and the timing for transformative innovation is here. To truly cater for our future life diversity and well-being, no step in supply chains may have responsibility delegated externally, to the commons or to consumers. Every step of every product and service must be questioned from an impact, sustainability, sourcing and circularity perspective. We must ask how we, as stewards of our planet, will maintain and enhance liveability of all natural systems within and as a result of human concentrations.

How will population growth, bio-migration, weather system movement, resource restraint, space, privacy, security, social value and bio, socio and cultural diversity develop in response to constraints?

Designers, entrepreneurs and academia must collaborate to lead this transformation to sustainable urban environments that also respect our rural regions and emulate the natural systems we so wholly depend upon. These urban systems, in need of transformation, comprise complexities of small interdependent communities with self-sustaining ecosystems through to global corporations, regional governments and myriad community service organisations. Innovative solutions are required to address the restraints and failures of business-as-usual that are not providing for existing populations and not preparing for future demands. A cohesive and comprehensive vision is required to mitigate impending risks of restraints on our urban centres.

Practising experts, local industry and national academics are asked to propose leading responses in areas of design, technology, well-being, and the future of truly sustainable urban centres.

Register by Thursday 26 March to receive a student discount ticket of $40 per day.


Day 1
A series of presentations by renowned international and Australian thought leaders who will present the current situation and required approaches to maintain Melbourne’s status as the “World’s Most Liveable City”.

Days 2 & 3
A workshop/master class format to further explore the themes of the symposium. There will be presentations on innovations and future directions for the built environment and a great selection of specialists focusing on the many areas needed to secure our future. Registration will be at Storey Hall but a number of venues will be used for the concurrent sessions.

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