Tent Embassy Convergence

Sunday, 26 January 2014 - 2:00pm
Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Parliament Lawns, Canberra

26 January 2014 marks the invasion and colonisation of Australia by the First Fleet in 1788, as well as the 42nd anniversary of the Aboriginal tent embassy. A celebration of the founding of Australia for many. For many Aboriginal people, however, it is a different celebration. Survival. Now is the time to reflect on the decimation and oppression of Aboriginal people through cultural imperialism and more overtly, through actions of the Australian government.

Oppression continues to this day, from attempts to dump nuclear waste at Muckaty; imposition of the basics card; Abbot's move to repeal the racial discrimination act and rumours of efforts to break up the tent embassy. In this time it's critical we stand together and we encourage everyone concerned to join us on the evening of the 25th to discuss indigenous ally-ship and solidarity and participate in the Invasion day ceremony the following day.

Many of us will be coming up the morning of the 25th from Training Camp in Victoria. There will be buses organised for this and people are welcome to join our campsite if they arrive separately

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