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Getting paid to do good can be quite a trick. If you've visited our volunteering pages, you'll already know that we reckon the best way to get a job in an environmental or social justice organisation is to volunteer for them or a similar group first.

We're still building a critical mass for our environmental jobs page, at the moment it's mostly used by small grassroots groups who don't have lots of money to employ staff (yah). In the meantime, here are some great places to find ethical and environmental jobs:

Ethical Jobs is the best, there's only jobs on here that are good for people and the planet, and lots of jobs that are campaign or social change focused. There's also an ace blog and newsletter.

NRM doesn't sound very earthy, but this website has some great science, reveg and conservation jobs. It's run by a couple of people in the Adeliade Hills who live off the grid and give heaps of money to environmental projects.

Infoxchange's social enterprise JobSeeker is a great place to find jobs in the not for profit and community sector. There's a few environmental jobs on here as well.

Rainforest Permaculture Haven in Gippsland

Applications are accepted throughout the year

The Wilderness Society Vic

Applications are accepted throughout the year

The Natural Event

Applications are accepted throughout the year

Australian Walking Holidays

Applications are accepted throughout the year
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