YCAN - Yarra Climate Action Now

Yarra Climate Action Now is a grassroots community group in inner-city Melbourne made up of people who want to see much stronger action on climate change. We are pushing for the urgent worldwide action needed to avoid runaway climate change and the associated impacts. We are interested in the possibility of making a difference in the community through education, lobbying, workshops and other activities. We are part of the Climate Emergency Network and a national network of grassroots climate action groups. This site will be a place for us to talk about climate change issues, exchange ideas, link to information and hopefully open a world of possibilities.

Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions - community input is always appreciated! You can email us if you would like to: know more about YCAN or join our announcements list; learn more about climate change issues and solutions; get involved in events (in a small or large way); gain or share some knowledge or skills; check out our general meetings (second Wednesday evening of the month in Fitzroy).

0422 952 554
email available via website


Youth Food Movement

Youth Movement aim to build the skills, knowledge and experience that young people have around food. We run food education projects for young people regarding the challenges facing farmers, the basics of how food grows and how it reaches our plate, and how to interpret labels and cook nutricious meals. Through this we build a generation of people that are healthier, more connected to our food and land, and better able to support farmers without it costing us the earth. Knowing where your food comes from matters.

If you’re ready to do something real, something that feels good not only because it’s fun, but also because you’re building the world you want to live in, we’d love to have you as part of the YFM community. Apply online to become an event volunteer or leadership team volunteer in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.


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