Join the global campaign to end fossil fuels and stop mega coal mines in the Galilee Basin

Long term volunteer role
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Victoria Australia is part of a global movement getting to the heart of climate action by taking on the fossil fuel industry with our Go Fossil Free Australia divestment campaign and Fighting the Frontlines campaign, supporting communities against unwanted coal seem gas exploration and drilling.

We rely on volunteers for almost everything, so your involvement is critical to our success! There is a role for everyone and if you have a specific skill set, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the look-out for talented and committed new volunteers to join our growing national network. It you have experience in research, media, outreach, fundraising, administration, social media, design, videography, volunteer management, writing, web development or design, drop us a line at:

Specific volunteer vacancies now
As well as campaign volunteers, right now we're on the look out for a Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer/Creative Coordinator.

Social Media Coordinator

  • Work with our staff and volunteers to prepare regular, relevant and engaging social media content
  • Develop social media promotion strategies for our campaigns
  • Develop opportunities to grow our member engagement through social media
  • Identify opportunities for 350 Australia to reach new audiences via social media
  • Work with the graphic designer to develop engaging graphic design content

Graphic Designer/Creative Coordinator

  • Develop graphics, materials and other campaign collateral (e.g. fact sheets, banners, posters, flyers etc.)
  • Work with our web managers to develop web-based graphics and site design elements
  • Design fun, informative and engaging graphics (infographics, memes etc.) for sharing on social media
  • Capture and promote our events and campaigns photographically (e.g through our website, flickr, social media, youtube)
  • Identify new opportunities to add creativity to 350 Australia’s work
  • Work with the campaigns director to develop campaign video clips

To apply for these roles, please send a 1-page cover letter and your CV to with the subject line VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.

What we do
Put simply, if we want a livable planet, we can’t keep burning fossil fuels and no company should profit from the fossil fuel-fed climate catastrophe. We’ve taken to the streets, to Facebook and Twitter, formed groups in major cities, led training sessions and forged links with other climate concerned organisations to spread our message that it’s time to bid fossil fuels farewell and welcome in a clean energy future.

In 2014 Australia learned much about the power and challenges of campaigning against fossil fuel projects as a key member of the Leard Blockade Alliance. We are
committed to continuing to support community resistance to coal and gas projects from the frontline and in our cities team and to learn and grow from these experiences.

The major focus for the Frontline projects team in 2015 is Queensland’s Galilee Basin where companies want to unlock nine mega coal mines that would triple Australia’s
emissions and trash the Great Barrier Reef. We are helping to build a strong alliance of local and national groups that will fight this project from the frontline and the cities. A major focus for the campaign is preventing Australian Banks financing the project.

We will support, if required, communities in NSW such as Bulga that face the imminent threat of new coal and gas projects. We are also connected to the large fight mounting against unconventional gas in WA and will find opportunities to connect our supporters with that issue as the resistance develops.

How we communicate
As a geographically dispersed group of individuals, we’ve developed a range of online tools to keep us all connected.

As a core volunteer, you will be added to our email list - - where you will receive campaign updates and have the opportunity to feed into online discussions.

To keep our tens of thousands of national members up to speed with what’s going on, we send out regular campaign emails. We also share news and updates through facebook
and twitter. National emails are sent by our staff but we encourage core volunteers to be involved drafting local emails.

Our campaigns director schedules regular “check-ins” with local volunteers and we circulate monthly e-updates that you can hear what other volunteers are working on. For group check-ins we use Skype or Free Conference call - 03-8672 0100 pin 292158#. For individual check-ins, one of our staff will arrange to call or Skype you. is a highly open organization that welcomes new volunteers, ideas and insights with open arms. If you are taking on a core volunteer role, we ask that you read and agree to our Australia Volunteering Policy and get in touch by emailing: / / / / / or

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