Take action with Quit Coal and shut down Australia's coal industry

Long term volunteer role

Despite the devastating social and environmental issues caused by fossil fuels, our government continues to support the expansion of the industry. If we want action, we need people everywhere to stand up and demand that the government protect our communities, our environment and our future.

Quit Coal is working hard to make this happen, helping to empower and mobilise the people of Victoria, and getting the voices of the community heard amongst all the noise from fossil fuel lobbyists and vested interests. Alongside many amazing and dynamic groups, we are at the forefront of making change, at a very crucial time in history.

Quit Coal is a collective that is run on the fuel of volunteer energy. Volunteering for Quit Coal can be exciting, empowering and involve a range of different things.

We have weekly Wednesday night meetings, where we share a meal and find out what’s been going on. We meet at 6pm on Wednesdays at Friends of the Earth (312 Smith St, Collingwood).You don’t need to let us know you’re coming, just show up.

You can also be part of working groups that range from Direct Action to Arts and everything in between.These groups are exciting pockets of action, where a small group of people take ownership over one part of the collective.

Whatever you’re doing, you meet amazing and interesting people, gain heaps of experience and hopefully have a lot of fun!

To get involved, fill in the online application form below, indicate what it is that you’re most interested in, or have experience in (if you don’t know, that’s fine), and one of our friendly volunteers will get in touch with you and tell you the best way to get involved.

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