EPA Community Funding Program

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The EPA Inspiring Environmental Solutions community funding program is sourced through a legislative scheme where ‘the polluter pays’. Under the Section 67AC of the Environment Protection Act 1970, or through other remedy and sanctioning tools, a company or individual found guilty of environmental pollution may be directed by a court to fund a community environmental project instead of, or in addition to, paying a fine. This is how funding for the IES program is sourced.

The total pool of funding on offer will vary each year, as funding is contingent upon the successful prosecution of pollution incidents, and at the discretion of the court. EPA cannot guarantee that groups registered will be invited to develop a project and be funded within any one year.

Recently funded projects

April 2013: Enhancing Wangaratta’s Treescapes and Waterways
Rural City of Wangaratta – $160,000
The Rural City of Wangaratta will, in partnership with Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group, Wangaratta Sustainability Network, Restore our Waterways, North East Catchment Management Authority, Ovens Landcare Network and Park Lane Nursery, enhance the environment affected by the pollution incident in a key streetscape of Sisely Avenue and at Wareena Park, in Wangaratta.

April 2013: Portland Community Garden
Portland Community Garden Landcare Group – $80,000
This project aims to develop a large community garden on the old Portland High School site.

November 2012: Afton Street Reserve Habitat Enhancement
Moonee Valley City Council – $75,000
This project focuses on improving the conservation values of Afton Street Reserve’s high-priority vegetation patches by eradicating weeds, including boxthorn, Chilean needle grass, serrated tussock, thistles and St John’s wort.

October 2012: Bay Care Action and Awareness Project
Port Phillip EcoCentre – $150,000
The project will deliver eight community ‘Bay Care’ events to engage local St Kilda and bayside suburb residents.

June 2011: Sustainability fellowship program
Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) – $75,000
The GCCN will develop and implement a sustainability fellowship program for 40 participants from the community, business and government sectors across Gippsland’s six municipalities.

April 2011: Pilot raingarden project
Darebin Creek Management Committee – $50,000
This project is a pilot program to fund 70 domestic raingardens in the Darebin Creek catchment. Raingardens treat stormwater by simply filtering out pollutants and reducing the rate of stormwater influx into streams and can reduce suspended solids by 80 per cent.

Registration is open all year. Applicants must first complete a registration form provided at the link below before being considered. Please refer to the program guidelines online before completing the registration form.

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