Open Grants Program

Grants up to $30,000 for three years
Available to groups

The R E Ross Trust is a perpetual charitable Trust established in Victoria in 1970 by the will of the late Roy Everard Ross. Since its inception, the Ross Trust has distributed over $90 million dollars in grants for charitable purposes in Victoria. Governed by five Trustees who manage the Trust’s assets and distribute its income, the granting priorities of the Trust are set by Trustees who take into account the wishes of the Trust’s benefactor, Roy Everard Ross. These priorities are influenced by the changing needs of the community and are reviewed annually.

The Trust accepts grants in four impact areas:

  1. improved outcomes for the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised Victorians
  2. improved outcomes for children and young people at risk
  3. improved access to and achievement of equity and excellence in public education, arts and culture
  4. protection and preservation of Australia's flora and fauna

The Trust will consider applications for the following purposes:

  • Specific activities, services, projects and programs
  • Building and strengthening organisational capacity and general operations.


The Ross Trust can only consider requests from organisations that:

  • Operate in Victoria or who will use the grant for the benefit of Victorians
  • Have an ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Are incorporated.

Applicants are NOT required to be a:

  • Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)
  • Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

Grant Exclusions

The Trust does NOT make grants for the following purposes:

  • To or on behalf of individuals
  • Capital fund-raising for major building purchase, construction and maintenance works
  • General fund raising appeals
  • Motor vehicles and buses
  • Purchases of major items of equipment
  • Organisations or programs which are restrictive based on financial, religious or cultural origin
  • Sport, recreation or social activities for their own sake
  • One off activities such as camps and festivals
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Projects for disability services and learning difficulties and their carers
  • Projects for the aged and aged-related issues
  • Arts projects for art’s sake - however, the Trust will consider arts initiatives that support public education or that facilitate the improvement of social outcomes
  • Provision of health and medical services - however, the Trust will consider projects that improve access to the public health system or support early intervention, prevention and health promotion for the disadvantaged
  • Research, including scientific, medical, doctoral or post-doctoral
  • Protection and welfare of domestic animals
  • Unsolicited applications for emergency relief and material aid

Assessment process
When prioritising requests, the Trustees consider:

  • Evidence of need and value for money
  • Evaluation and measurement
  • Project reach and scope
  • Strong governance
  • Impact
  • Partnerships
  • Effective staff and/or volunteers
  • Sustainability

Once you have read the Guidelines, all potential applicants are advised to contact the R E Ross Trust to discuss their application. Trust staff will be able to answer any questions you may have about the application process and the eligibility of your request. Information about the application process and application forms can be downloaded from the link below.

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