Small Environmental Grant Scheme

Grants around $2,000 to $10,000
Applications accepted Australia wide
Available to groups

NWF is committed to supporting community biodiversity projects around Australia. The objectives of the Small Environmental Grants Scheme are to support Australian biodiversity projects that are concerned with one or more of the following:

  • monitoring and recording data
  • community education
  • community capacity building (training)
  • research and science

The Trustees look for the following things in an application and your application is scored according to these. The higher you score, the more likely your application will be considered for funding. Please consider these points when filling out your application:

  • objectives – be clear, list long term objectives, list short term outputs, how will your group benefit in the short and long term from the project?
  • need – why is this project needed and how do you know?
  • innovation – be interesting, engaging or clever if you want to our grab attention. You don’t have to come up with something new, but you are welcome to be creative or have a bit of fun.
  • viability – show us that the project is realistic and achievable, can you do it?
  • support – partners? Make sure your references really back up what you want to do. Ask people to write reference letters for you who really believe in your project, or will benefit somehow. Don’t just tell people what they should say, or give them a template to sign – we can tell! Your reference letters aren’t needed until your EOI is accepted.
  • budget – how can you show us value for money? We really do know what things cost so be honest and realistic. Your budget isn’t needed until your EOI is accepted.
  • gut feeling – the Trustees get to score you on their gut feeling – you never know, you may score points because it just sounds good, or your passion and enthusiasm shines through your application.

Have a look at the Can you Apply page to see more details. Please don’t waste your time filling in the EOI – see if you are eligible first. Reading the Frequently Asked Questions page is also recommended.

There are four grant rounds each year – March (money in May), June (money in August), September (money in November), December (money in February). See Dates for applying for a list of opening and closing dates.

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