arty house made of sticks

Seeking: lots of people in Hurstbridge
Wurundjeri-Wilam (Kulin Nation)
very communal, extra queer friendly, extra anti-racist, no tv
posted: 12 hours 37 min ago

We think we have found the perfect life hack – semi-rural living still close to the city. We are 30 mins drive to Coburg. 10 minute bike ride to Wattle Glen train station or 15 minute drive to the Birrarrung – Yarra river for swims. But of course...

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Seeking: 1 female person in Northcote
a bit communal, vegetarian
posted: 1 week 1 day ago

We are 2 women seeking a wonderful woman (35+) to share established communal home near trains, trams and Merri Creek. We have created a caring, clean, comfortable home with open communication and consideration. You are vegetarian (mostly), enviro...

Seeking: a house in Belgrave South
a bit communal, vegetarian, has a veggie patch
posted: 2 weeks 1 day ago

Hi! I am dwelling in a semi self-contained tiny house on wheels (THOW) and am looking for a plot to call home! Currently, I am working in the mental health industry and which I mostly do in a work from home situation but also with regular outreach...

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