arty house made of sticks

Seeking: 1 person in Northcote
posted: 3 days 6 hours ago

Hello There! :). We are looking for a new housemate or housemates(couple) for our lovely house in Northcote. The room is very big size, unfurnished with large windows. It’s a great location! Very...

Seeking: 1 person in Collingwood
posted: 3 days 9 hours ago

Hey good Melbourne people, we are looking for a new housemate for our fine COLLINGWOOD home.
We are 1 girl, 2 guys, & 5 fish are seeking a 30+, open hearted/minded, clean & house-...

Seeking: 1 person in Northcote
posted: 5 days 13 hours ago

Hi Folks,
I am looking for a creative, friendly, housetrained person to share a fresh home with me. It has a shopfront attached so ideally I’d like to live with people who are interested in...

Seeking: a house in Fairfield/Northcote/Thornbury
posted: 1 week 16 hours ago

Hello there. My name is Jodie and I'm a part-time bookseller who also works as an editor/Spanish-English translator/notetaker. I'm currently studying Auslan at TAFE and I've...

Seeking: 1 female person in Fairfield
posted: 1 week 4 days ago

A very large room is available in our share house. It is available from Sunday August 24.
We are looking for a non-smoking, vegetarian (in the house at least) woman in her 30s or older....

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Seeking: 2 people in East Brunswick
posted: 1 week 5 days ago

Resource rich East Brunswick household looking folks to keep the house as a home

Rent reductions for folks wanting to maintain veggie garden and premises

Interested in music,...

Seeking: 1 female person in Carlton
posted: 1 week 6 days ago

The house is a comfortable, furnished double-storey two bedroom terrace house with tiles downstairs and carpet upstairs. Two living spaces and a small courtyard with a herb garden. Shared kitchen...

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Seeking: 1 male person in West Brunswick
posted: 2 weeks 1 day ago

Come join the Fitzgibbo team!

We are three women and one guy, mid-20s to mid-30s, politically & environmentally active and queer/queer-friendly. We are communal - sharing vego food,...

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Seeking: 1 female person in Brunswick
posted: 2 weeks 1 day ago

Available are two rooms in our Brunswick sharehouse.
We are two males, one mid twenties the other mid thirties, both creative and artistic, into warm discussions about most things, into...

Seeking: 1 person in Chewton
posted: 2 weeks 2 days ago

We looking for a housemate who enjoys wide-ranging conversations, cups of tea, indie films, gardens and food and a shabby-chic aesthetic (the house is fully furnished, bedroom as suits).


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