Brunswick, Carlton, Parkville, North Melbourne, Flemington, Footscray, etc
Rent: $400 - $700 per month Bond: Negotiable
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, no tv

Anarcho queer, 28 yo, looking for a room to go with a new start in Melbourne.

I'm a musician and artist, white Anglo Australian, quiet, big reader, non-smoker, single, activist, and am transferring to a job in the CBD, so public transport is a must. Look good on paper, haha. I've done sharehouses for a decade now, lived with animals of all sorts but don't have my own, and although I'm not personally, I'm more than happy to uphold vegetarian or vegan households.

I'd love to live with eco-minded people conscious of power usage, chemicals, sustainable living, etc. I'm a big plant fan myself and love a garden to care for. Love some communal living but I also need my space! It feels great to walk out and chat with housemates over cooking, collaborate on projects and go out together, but not necessary.

The picture is just some of my art to grab your attention. :)

Fairly flexible in all things and happy to answer any questions, just contact me at the email below. I'm in town until the 8th to check out places if you'd like to catch up, then driving over from my home state of WA in early Jan, and would love to have a place lined up.

Contact Euchrid at

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