Northcote / Thornbury/Preston / Brunswick / Fairfield
Rent: 950 Bond: 1200
a bit communal, very communal, vegetarian, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch

I'm Eddie - a 34 year old Event Producer, primarily working in arts festivals and projects as a freelancer - something Ive been doing for a very long time (never paid rent late so no worries on the freelancing/income stream side of things!).

My interests lie in social justice, nature bathing at every opportunity, free diving, stroking stranger's dogs, singing, hiking, yoga, lots of reading, personal development and getting better at not killing plants (I have 6 plants babies and have eaten things from my garden on more than 4 occasions so I think Ive earnt a couple of adulting points!).

Community and healthy communication are very important to me within having a home space. I like the people who I live with to be friends, to share space physically and emotionally. I have a healthy social life, but also like to be able to sit round a fire or pot of tea and live with people, as opposed to alongside one another. Sharing film nights, late night bottles of wine, impromptu yoga sessions, creative play, shared brains to process life obstacles with, good enthusiastic people to build projects/gardens/experiments with and to share adventures with in this fine city of ours. I am totally into healthy boundaries and space, (Im not a clinger!) but Id like to live with more friendly humans.

Anyhoo, Im real happy to answer any questions you may have.
Till then, have a rad day xx


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