Rent: $700.00 Bond: $1,500.00
a bit communal, organic food, has a veggie patch, chemical free, no tv

Seeking 1 room, location pretty flexible, more interested in finding the right people vibe. Nice well treed garden or nearby parks/gardens or rivers a bonus!

I am a 38 years young minimalist gypsy naturopath working part time & running a supplement export business from home & I spend approx 1 month overseas 2-3 times annually.

I have a nearly 5 year old daughter 1 day/night a week (occasionally longer), & I’m into healthy eating & living, very chilled/peaceful vibes at home most of the time with very occasional late nights but definitely not regularly as I’m early to bed early to rise generally… also I have my daughter friday nights so definitely no house parties that night, sorry :(

I’m into cooking & eat healthy, reading, gardening, music, dancing, nature, camping, swimming, writing, meditation, gym, martial arts, traveling, etc.

I eat more veggies now that I did when I was vegan but I do eat lots of free range & wild red meat & sustainable caught seafood. Happy to live with non-judgmental vegetarians.

I do enjoy a glass of red or a cider with dinner but please no closet alcoholics & definitely no regular drug use.

Fairly tidy & clean up after myself & expect the same but I’m not a clean freak so no OCD please. I’m respectful & expect the same.

Looking for happy, semi-communal housemates that are intelligent, emotionally mature and enjoy life.

Things go wrong in life & I’m a great listener, very empathetic & happy to help those that help themselves, but I don’t do drama, gossip or professional victims so please have your shit reasonably together.

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