Brunswick East
Rent: $832 Bond: $800
very communal, vegetarian, vegan, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch



$832 per month plus bills.

($19/ea for unlimited 100/40 NBN internet, plus gas, electricity and water).


Bond is $800 and is held by the RTBA.


Unfurnished with an option of a fancy Koala bed/base from our last housemate (arranged through them if you're keen)

We are ideally looking for a long-term housemate, vegetarian or vegan :)



5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, large kitchen, laundry with washing machine and dryer, plus ducted heating and evap. cooling. We have lots of created spaces to hang out in. It’s a house where we try to consider other housemates so that we all feel at home, and by extension we look after ourselves in the process. It's also actively non-exclusionary, and is LGBTQIA+ friendly with two queer housemates :)

To apply, please email with some details about yourself, including an answer to the question:

"What were your favourite features of your last house, and what are you excited about in your next one?"


A little about us:

Kiera- (She/her) - Kiera is always having a laugh or a cry. It could be at her dad jokes or misfortunes, such as wearing her shirt inside out on the regular. It could also be her crippling state of existential crisis. She just graduated from RMIT as an Economics student, and was a bigwig in the Vegan Club and Hockey Club there. She’s always up for a kitchen bench chat, and is great at helping the house to interact with people in shops through extensive preplanning. Kiera wants people to know that you can make fun of her and she won't cry, but sometimes she will cry. She's also hoping that by pointing out her lame features that you'll think she's cool.

Oliver - (He/him) – Oliver is studying Horticulture and has previously studied History. He lovingly maintains the plants in the house, which are tucked into most places where they can grow. He also maintains the other creatures, like Philip and sometimes Kiera. He likes to work with physical materials and loves to cook. He’s into fermentation, and is always thinking new garden projects. He loves to chat to people in the street over the front fence, and connects with the neighbourhood through Sharewaste and taking in compost from the area. Guerrilla gardening is on the cards. He keeps weird hours because sleep is hard, so if you’re awake late chances are he is too.

William: (He/Him) - Will sums himself up as a pair of ripped blue jeans. He’s our manly man of the house and likes fixing things - like removing the eyesore curtains from communal spaces and putting fancy lighting in the bathroom. He lives the tradie life - sparky! - and is in a super busy period so moments with him in the house are currently fleeting, though always magical. He’s hoping to have more spare time to hang out in the new year, and loves an iced cold Furphy on a hot day. He’s the culinary black sheep of the family (vegetarian, not vegan) and 100% Philips favourite.

Thomas: (He/Him) Th<3m, our latest addition to the house and arguably everyone's favourite. He is entering his 3rd year of study and hopes to save the world with his environment degree. He worries he has bitten off more than he can chew but is generally good company. He can be found at home on the couch or Kiera's bed and is almost always down for a chat. He is frugal Boi and is always trying to save a dollar, so don't be offended if he's constantly switching off light switches. Exercise is his happy place but, so is the pantry it's a complicated balance that he's still struggling to strike. He also recently had a threesome and won't shut up about how good it was (it did sound really good though).

Philip – (house furbaby/kitty) – Philip is a slightly overzealous ginger boi, who wears white socks and whose well kempt fluffy tail, love of affection and presence in a room belies his tough bro act. Though he’s still young and learning about boundaries, he’s bright and is being clicker trained to help us to better communicate with him. Normally he roams some days of the week and comes home in the evenings to avoid environmental damage.

+ YOU: You will be replacing Kat – (She/her) – Kat is a generous and open person, who feels passionately about animal wellbeing. She works in a vegan café and candy shop, and is always coming up with new and exciting ideas around food. She’s our resident fruit-bat who loves fresh food and a topped up fruit bowl. She’s orchestrates nut milk making parties at home, and can turn anything into a milk. Anything. She volunteers her time for ethical causes often. Kat unfortunately doesn't know how to fly yet.


How we make this house a home:

We organise a weekly dinner where one many of us cook (cooking vegan meals or meals with dietary inclusions for those who are there), which ensures that there’s a night a week where you can have something home cooked. We try to balance times where we eat as a house, or bring guests, to ensure that dinner is a great place to bring up anything you’ve noticed that could be improved in the house, and to be heard respectfully. We reflect on our week to the level you feel like sharing, sometimes about great weeks, other times not, other times totally unmemorable ones. Each person cooking helps to set the tone of the night and we flexibly arrange times around our schedules.

This night could also be a movie night, skill share etc, but we love to eat.

We also have a household garden! It's peas, broccoli and kale right now :)


Getting here:

Tram: We’re on the 1, 6, and 96 lines.

Train: The closest train is the Upfield line, which is around a five minute ride away or a little over a kilometre.

Bus: We’re on the 508 bus line which runs to Northcote and Moonee Ponds.

Car: There are plenty of parks here which are unmetered, so it’s possible to park here if you have a car.

Accessibility: The house has one inch steps into each major doorway and 2-3in into the shower, but has broad hallways and doorways. There are no major staircases. One staircase has a rail but is to a less significant area and could be adapted. There are no other fitted rails or accessible accessories throughout the home at this time, but this is definitely open to change. If you have any queries at all, please reach out and I can let you know to the best of my ability, or we can arrange a viewing.

Environmental: As a house we eat vegan or vegetarian food. Our electricity and gas is carbon neutral/sourced from renewables, and we rarely buy new where we can buy or trade for used or unique. We have an active compost and collect from our neighbourhood too.
Dumpster diving where possible, but we're all basically still rookies.
We're currently attempting to grow more of the foods we eat regularly. We also separate our recycling including soft plastic, non-council metals, e-waste etc. We don't produce a large quantity of general waste.

To apply, please email with some details about yourself, including an answer to the question:

"What were your favourite features of your last house, and what are you excited about in your next one?"

If you’d prefer to call, this can also be arranged through email.

164blyth (at) gmail (dot) com to arrange to meet, or to set up another form of contact :)

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