Christmas Hills
Rent: $500 + energy and love per month. Bond: -
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, chemical free

We are putting the call out for people who have an interested in joining us long-term in Christmas Hills.

There is a vacant tiny house on the property with a mezzanine bed, fireplace and solar power that ought to have somebody making it home!

Pip, Isobel, Tommy and a lil pup live here on 18 Acres of bush at the top of the ridge before it drops into the Yarra Valley. We all sleep in detached private dwellings, and share space, music and occasional meals in the main shack with a kitchen and bathroom. We live with rain and spring water, firewood heating, closed-circuit composting toilets - and there are several large market-style gardens.
The property calls for love, attention, care and commitment - and is not a traditional share-house where rent is the only exchange
With a huge opportunity to use this land, create and birth projects - we are inviting anybody who feels a pull to this to contact us.
We could continue writing about this place and space, how it functions and what it calls for - but that would be exhaustive! Best to get in touch so we can connect and speak more to it then.
Feel free to call Pip on 0431 745 589.

With care,
Pip, Isobel, Tommy & dogo

Pip @ 0431 745 589

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