Coburg North
Rent: $885/month single person or $985/month for couple Bond: $1033 person rate or $775 per person if couple.
very communal, organic food

Join our community home next to the river - right on the Edgars Creek, north of where it joins the Merri Creek, where we hear birds and frogs and no traffic sounds! We love living along this creek as it winds through Brunswick East, Preston, Coburg, Coburg North, easy walking or cycle ride to Joes' market organic garden.

Inviting in:

A single person or couple who are passionate about care for country and learning from the land we live on.

A home of real friendship where we share core values of empathy, conscious self development, communication and relationship skills, meaningful fun, exploration of masculine and feminine qualities of all humans.

A home where our friendships inspires us to spend quality time together inside and outside the home. Where trust is deep and challenges are resolved through skillful communication and reflection.

Motivated people who make a living from their passion and support themselves through their vocation. Courageous to be bold and to impact our world, our community, our economy.

The available room is on the ground floor with windows facing the Creek. It's a new terraced house with a big shed for storage, 3 bedrooms and a large shared kitchen lounge and balcony.

You will be sharing with two men - one in 40s, works in renewables, passionate about care for country, decarbonising our entire energy supply, drumming, from UK, and another, Italian, 30s, language teacher, practices mediation. Get to know us both on a meaningful level by video interview and visiting our place.

At interviews we like to go through:

" Acknowledgement of country
* Check-ins and introductions
* Who is my greatest self? Can I step into that 'role' in getting to know potential housemates and have some fun
* What do I say, feel, think when being my greatest self?
* What stops me from being my greatest self?
* What support would I like from my housemates?
* Can I own my golden projections of others' greatest selves?
* Ideas for next steps co-creating the house
* Check outs


The room is about 4m x 3.5m and has an ensuite bathroom included.

Rent is $885/month ($205/week) for single person, $985/month ($230/week) for a couple.

Bills (inc gas, elec, water, internet) come to around $100/month each if single person moves in or $75/month if couple moves in.

Bond is $1033 if single person moves in or $775 per person if its a couple.

You will fill out a tenancy application form and pay a tenancy transfer fee of $165, but if paid before 7th July this fee can be shared with outgoing tenants, reducing your share to $55 per person.

Demian Natakhan, 0468 309 863

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