Rent: $465 Bond: $550
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, no tv

Farm Fawkner is a colourful, characterful house with luscious gardens including frontyard jungle and backyard veggie patch (can send more pics on request!). The latter will need a little work if we need to live off it in the apocalypse, but we've already got plenty of veggies and fruit trees (we are also growing mushrooms in our bathroom - intentionally!), as well as a giant greenhouse! It is home to 5 chickens, 3 humans, and 1 cat. The cat is nice to people but does not play well with other furry creatures, unforch.

There is one room available now, see pics (can include some furniture if needed). Big north facing double glased window facing the back yard, bright and cosy for winter. Another room will be available later.

The bedrooms are both large and overlooking the front garden of our quiet street. Rent for the one available now is $465 and the second is $565 pcm. Bond and bills separate.

You would be sharing with Ellie (she/ they) - democratic workplace warrior and vanquisher of dust bunnies, Anna (she/ they) - writer of clever words in espanol y ingles, Luna the catto/ benevolent overlord, and Archie (they/ them, trans masc) - artist and very cool and nice person, who is staying in the home short-term.

We are keen on a communal, homey home. We like quiet social times and the occasional party (if people are let out of their houses), many shared meals, daggy singalongs/games/nitflux on the couch/moving our bodies and crosswords. We dislike crosswords that are too hard or have silly clues. We also dislike sexist/homo-trans-bi-phobic/swerfy/capitalist pigs etc.

The house is a short walk to Merlynston train station, a good Pho shop, Aldi, and only two blocks from the Merri Creek and a big park (excellent for exercise/sanity in current sitcho!!).

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