Preston, Thornbury, Coburg, Brunswick or somewhere near
Rent: mmmm max 150$ per week Bond: $
a bit communal, very communal, vegetarian, vegan, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, chemical free, no tv

Dear reader,

Hallo. I need a new home in the near future.

Here some random, spontaneous facts about me: The distance between my corners of my mouth is 5.5 cm, and when I am smiling it extends by 2 cm. I am good at whistling but have deficits in decision making. I don´t know what I would change in my live if I had more money. I like to keep things simple and to improvise. Besides, I like carrots, apples, sharing, asymmetry and I find colours very important. I usually get motion sick in the train and am afraid of airplanes, spiders and of routine every-day life. I hate formal language and do not understand why it was invented. I also do not understand why there is an “h” at the end of my name. To me it doesn’t make sense to put inaudible letters into words. This is a waste of letters. I strive for an environmentally friendly lifestyle and am a tolerant vegan. I am 29 but look like a teenager. I am predominantly happy, confused by default but reliable and the big toe is the longest one on my feet.

For work (PhD) I try to help restoring a wetland forest. I am a treeologist.

For fun I like being in nature, wandering around in cities, observing, watching and making art, sewing, handicrafts, dancing, cycling, travelling, putting myself into uncertain situations, hitchhiking, hiking, looking after plants...

For living I prefer a high dose of social interaction and community feeling with appropriate portions of private sphere. Indeed, I am seeking a lovely home for long-term. I like to be friends with my housemates and care about them. I lived in share houses for the past 11 years and can adopt like a chameleon to the predominant cleanness level and procedures, the room/ house size and I could manage to endure weird carpet patterns. Further, I am open for any number of housemates/ visiting friends and don´t need much comfort.

Maybe sent me an e-mail to or to 0448049172


, 0448049172

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