Rent: $600-900 Bond: $550-750
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, no tv

“The Hive” is on the prowl for a new Hivemate! We’re a large, community orientated home in the heart of Preston - a bountiful permie oasis and perfect antidote to your 2020 blues! Join us in a beautiful space to bunker down :)

We strive to be a bit different from the average share house... We foster the spirit of community in the house: encouraging mutual support, regular check-ins and house chats, communal dinners, sharing of skills and resources, collaborating on projects – in short, creating a communal alternative family environment that isn’t short on silliness!

We do these things not because we have to, but because it's more fun and productive and aligned with our ways of being. It doesn’t feel stressful or take up too much time, because we want to do it, and we know it helps us bond and create the space that we wanna live in. That’s the ‘intentional’ part. We are looking for people who share these values and would like to join us in a pretty beautiful way of living.

The Hive has always been a home and a hub for activists, environmentalists and creative types, and we want that spirit to continue (collaborative creatives and muso’s particularly welcomed!). When pandemics aren’t upon us, we have done things like run workshops, host small events and fundraiser parties and provide the odd casual meeting space for small activist groups. The house can accommodate a large number of people and in the past there’s been anywhere from 6 up to 13 people in the house.. That’s just how spacious the home is! But we have enjoyed the low key vibe of late, particularly with Covid - so going forward we’re looking to share the space with 5 or 6 lovely humans total.

We have 4 large bedrooms in the house and a studio in the back garden. There's 3 bathrooms (1 with a super sweet spa bath!), 2 kitchens (1 vegan-only), we have all the whitegoods, a washer, dryer & dishwasher and an epic spacious with schmancy fixin’s kitchen PLUS a walk-in pantry/Homesteader’s dream. There's also a heavenly vegetable patch out back and an epic food forest out front, an amazing tea chest, a lush library, a garage with tools and workshop vibes, plus we’ve got cute as community vibes with a free-shop out the front and a large undercover area out back full of couches and good vibes for social times. Oh and a good dose of those permie vibes to boot with a bio-char stove, compost-action-station and fruit trees abundant with lemons and olives.

Rooms wise:

“The Sunroom” is the large, light filled room becoming available from July 20th, with bay windows and a city view! It’s a gorgeous room that definitely works well for couples or as a spacious sanctuary for a sole human. There’s also another generously sized room becoming available over the next few months (pending border openings as our much beloved OG Hivemates sadly return interstate) with those city views, enormous mirrored BIR’s and a ceiling fan. Rent is variable depending on how many housemates/whether occupied by couples or singles, but approx $750 - 900 for The Sunroom and between $6-700 for the other slightly smaller room with BIR. Bills and Bond are split evenly between all housemates, and again variable depending on how people are in the house.

We’re looking for folks who prefer to stay long term because we wanna nourish the family vibes and the stability for all, but shorter term stays can totally be discussed if the fit is right (and taking into account everyone's respective needs around Covid stuff).


We're right near the Gilbert Street #11 tram, that is a direct link to Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy and the city. 10 mins walk to Preston and Bell Train Stations and close to Bell Street Bus Services to Brunswick/Coburg. Preston Market, La Panella bakery and all them shops are all just a short stroll away so the location is pretty amazing PT wise - options abound! Also, there is lots of free on-street car parking and a large driveway, plus we made a great bike parking hub out back to keep our wheels rust-free and safe.

Animals, Inclusivity and Accessibility:

->We have a (very characterful) resident cat, Greed, hence The Hive may not be suitable for people allergic and more pets is probably a no go, particularly not really hyper active doggies who are allowed to roam free n like to dig up gardens. Smokers outdoors only, and although we love a giggle and some occasional hedonism, we aren’t big on drinking culture and are not a party-party house.

->Accessibility wise: The house does have two low steps at both the front and back entrances so isn’t wholly accessible. Inside is one level, the walkways are wide and the main bathroom is particularly spacious.

-> Open minded and encouraging of diversity – Many existing and past housemates have identified as LGBTIQA+, poly, non-binary from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. And, of course we all have different contexts, knowledge, abilities and life challenges. We actively work to be a safer space which respects and embraces the uniqueness and differences of all individuals… we welcome yours too!

-> The house strongly values open, honest and compassionate communication. We adapt to different needs, including our own, and respond to house concerns with good comms and a nice balance of self care and collective care. We value practicing self reflection and checking our assumptions before these turn into stories/grievances, and keeping the harmony of the Hive and the happiness of all Hive mates in our intentions.

Conflict is a part of life and learning, so instead of avoiding it, we aim to transform it if something swells.. Harmony happens easily when the housemates are aligned and connected - we create trust, build love n safety through our hangs, and bring chill vibes to any potential issue that arises, and we let people know if we are struggling or have special needs. It feels supportive, not overwhelming… we’re all learning, it's “humaning” . Also, we create a culture of consent and encourage a culture of communication and clarification, aiming to allay conflict before it arises and not letting shit hang in the space or build up. We also allow ourselves to gently challenge each other in a loving way, in order for us to grow... but always with consent, kindness and awareness of our own foibles/cognitive biases.

-> Other specifics: We are (shock horror!) left-leaning, anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-hierarchy - which looks more ‘pro’ than ‘anti’ actually sounds- eg. rather than ‘neg’ people for their choices under late capitalism, we built a free shop to grow connection and provide alternatives to money in our community. It’s pretty gorgeous. The Hive is trying to live the change we want to see in the world, and we want to continue to be an ongoing hub for activist and community activities, in a casual and organic grass rootsy way. We’re not prescriptive in how we do this… it’s just the vibe we want to continue to engender in the space..

About us and what we're hoping to share with new family members:

Current inhabitants are early to late 30’s, who love late night deep and meaningfuls, tea sippin’ and outdoorsy mischief making. We’re active in grassroots social change and community building / services to varying degrees. We’re hearty, friendly and chill folk who like to make merry :)

We’re looking for some stellar human/s to join us in this beautiful house, where we value caring for each other, the land, the planet, and ourselves, in all our varied and colorful self expression.

-> Highly valued are folks who like to chat, cook, clean and collaborate on fun things, folks who like to foster connections and bring energy and joy into the home, including spending time in the space - it’s so big that it can feel a little empty if everyone hangs in their room!

-> We are looking for people who are house-proud, proactive with being clean and tidy and will take part in upkeep of the living spaces so it remains lovely for us all. Currently we are rotating chores on a loose roster as we are finding a little structure ultimately affords agency and more spontaneity!

-> Our taste buds/bonding receptors get off on (and see great worth eco-wise, money-wise and time-wise) in eating several communal meals together weekly (sometimes lunches but more often a few dinners a week at least) so we would prefer that you too feel the joy of that vibe. We'd love the new folks to relish the opportunity to collaboratively or independently prep at least one meal a week to share with the house.

-> We do have some communal staples that we build off to cook communal meals but all have our own cupboards n personal supplies too. We buy a few big things together, or occasionally chip in for communal or bulk items.. But otherwise we’ve all got nice autonomy to do what we feel. Having said that, we do really value a synchronicity of values that aligns us more naturally in what we bring into the house...

-> We strive to be a socially and environmentally aware household that explores alternative living in a modern world. Sustainability, self-sufficiency and food ethics are important factors we like to consider in this. Eg. This ain’t a bleach your dunny and cook bacon everyday house. We aren’t dogmatic about it though.. And our approach to food ethics is varied in the house - currently we have a mix of mostly vegans and some ethical omni's. We like to have open dialogue on ethics as is the nature of these complex issues.. But we work on respecting each other’s choices and recognise that ethical consumerism is fraught under capitalism.

-> We have thriving permie gardens that provide us with a lot of joy, beauty, abundant delicious and healthy food. We are ideally looking for people who have a passion for gardening, who like to cook from the garden and who have some time to put into our awesome garden with other housemates. That’s fine if you’re not an experienced gardener, but maybe you want to learn or just enjoy spending time pottering in the garden or prettying spaces…? Cause we love that shit! But we also value the honesty of “that’s not really my jam/forte”, rather than hoping or aiming to do a thing that doesn’t align or eventuate..

-> We are people who enjoy collaborating and homesteading, tinkering and gardening – doing useful things and making pretty spaces, growing yums and turning them into other yum things that last longer! We love to share those passions with like-minded folk, and create, ferment, preserve, pickle, and of course growing things. Experience is great. Excitement is great too. And a willingness to learn, collaborate or share skills is very much welcomed.

-> OHS wise, current Hivemates include people who are immuno-compromised or work with 'at risk' people, therefore we have Covid-19 agreements and check-in's as needed to discuss and meet the needs of all current housemates as required.

We hope to hear from you if you got this far in the essay length ad and are still excited - ♥ - you might just be a perfect match!

If we sound like your dream house, send us a little introductory message about yourself (quirks and individual oddities encouraged!) and we’ll arrange to do a preliminary meet/video chat :)

Suse or Rosie -

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