Rent: $650 - $874 per month Bond: $580
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, no tv

“The Hive” is large, bustling community orientated home in the heart of Preston.

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We strive to be a bit different from the average share house... We foster the spirit of community in the house: encouraging mutual support, regular check-ins and house meetings, communal dinners, sharing of skills and resources – in short, creating a communal and collaborative alternative family environment. :)

We do these things not because we have to, but because it's fun and nice and aligned with our ways of being. We are looking for people who share these values and would like to join us in a pretty beautiful way of living.

The Hive has always been a home and a hub for activists, environmentalists and creative types, and we want that spirit to continue. We occasionally do things like run workshops/talks/salons, host fundraiser parties and provide the occasional casual meeting space for small activist groups.

It's a bit of urban utopian experimentation - supporting each other with our projects when we can, collaborating cause it's more fun and more productive that way, and living together in a way that explores sustainability and self-sufficiency in an urban communal environment.

The Hive is currently home to 8 fantastic humans who enjoy banter and bonding over co-created dinners. The house fluctuates in numbers, and though it’s such a large space that it doesn’t ever feel crowded, living with lots of people isn’t for everyone. But we love it. And we wanna live with others who do too :) There’s so much space, everyone can have their own sanctuary as well as sharing in the vast communal spaces!

We have 4 bedrooms in the house, plus a studio and yurt in the backyard. There's 3 bathrooms (1 with a super sweet spabath!), 2 kitchens (1 vegan-only), we have all the whitegoods, a washer/dryer and a walk-in Homesteader’s dream pantry. There's also an amazing tea chest, a lush library, a tool shed/workshop, a heavenly vegetable patch, bio-char stove, compost-action-station and olive, apricot and lemon trees.

We have filled one of the available rooms, with the remaining option at this current moment being a large, open and sun-lit room that is fantastic for couples who would like to share a room (and this would be our preference for that space). This room will be available from 22nd November.
Rent is variable, depending on how many housemates, plus Bills and Bond (split evenly between all housemates). Couples are VERY welcome, with the combined cost more than for a single.

We have a resident cat, Greed, hence The Hive may not be suitable for people allergic and more pets is probably a no go. Smokers outdoors only, and although we love a banter and some occasional hedonism, we are not a party-party house.

We're right near the Gilbert Street #11 tram, that is a direct link to Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy and the city. 10 mins walk to Preston and Bell Train Stations and close to Bell Street Bus Services to Brunswick/Coburg. Preston Market and shops are also just a short stroll away so the location is pretty amazing PT wise - options abound! Also, there is free on-street car parking and a driveway.

And here's about us and what we're hoping to share with new family members:
-> 5 folk ongoing - Suse, Lindsay, Michael, Mark, and Jacob (all between late 20’s-late 30’s), our newest addition, River + Greed the cat who likes to meow, eat and sleep, and cuddles of course (the usual cat things).

-> Our home really benefits when people are present and share in the joy of the home. It is quite a large house, which means there's lots of space for everyone! It's homely with plants and pretties, and couches aplenty. This doesn’t mean you have to be around all day every day, but it can feel a bit empty if people keep to their rooms or aren't around a lot. So we are looking for people who are keen on fostering connections, plan on being present enough to build a positive relationships and maintain the family vibes by bringing their energy and joy into the home.

-> Being a large house, it does benefit from everyone participating and doing their bit, especially as we are trying to move towards a less structured environment of mutual trust. We are looking for people who are house-proud, proactive with being clean and tidy and will take part in upkeep and improvements to the living space.

-> Speaking of food, we currently do a mix of communal and individual – we share communal dinners a few times a week, but we also have our own shelves in the fridge and pantry too. We have recently found a lot of joy from making collaborative dinners together. For this to work longer term, it is important that you would enjoy cooking for others and would welcome dedicating at least one day a week to make a collaborative dinner.

-> As we strive to be an environmentally aware household, food ethics is an important factor and we ask for all housemates to strive to make ethical choices. Our approach to food ethics is varied in the house, currently we have vegans, freegans and ethical omnis, and we like this to be an open dialogue whilst respecting each other’s choices.

-> We have a thriving permy garden that is providing us with a lot of joy, beauty and delicious and healthy food. To make this space work, it is important that there are at least two or three willing gardeners that enjoy collaborating on shared soil. We are specifically looking for people who have demonstrated a passion for gardening, have some time to put into our garden with other housemates to care for our awesome garden.

-> The house strongly values open, honest and compassionate communication. Communication is essential for any large share house, more-so as the current incarnation of the house is fostering a culture of trust, collaboration and mutual support (rather than rules, regulations and chore charts). For this to work, we need people who are present to check-in and care for each other. We are responsive to different needs, including our own, and respond to any concerns before these turn into grievances. It's nice, but not overwhelming, it's: “humaning”. Also, we are supporting a culture of allowing ourselves to challenge and be challenged by each other in a loving way, in order for us to grow and be the best versions of ourselves.

-> Open minded and tolerant – Many existing and past housemates have identified as LGBTIQA+, poly, non-binary from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. And, of course we all have different contexts, abilities and life challenges. We are a safe space which respects and embraces the uniqueness and differences of all individuals.

-> Other specifics: We are (shock horror!) left-leaning, anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy. The Hive is trying to live the change we want to see in the world, and we want to be an ongoing hub for activist and community activities.

-> We are people who enjoy homesteading, tinkering and gardening – we really like growing yummy things and turning them into other yummy things that last longer! And we love to share those passions with others: fermenting, preserving, olive pickling, growing things and sharing care for our substantial garden. So, we welcome you to share in these types of activities.

We look forward to hearing from you, and if you got this far in the essay length ad and are still excited - ♥ - you might just be a perfect match! Send us a little introductory message about yourself and we’ll arrange to meet.

Michael, 0417 9444 122,

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