Rent: Room 1 - $200 pw; Room 2 - $230 pw Bond: 4 weeks rent
a bit communal, has a veggie patch, no tv

This is the place for garden lovers. The house overlooks the beautiful Merri Creek and is close enough to Strettle Wetlands to walk there with bare feet on a hot day.

If you do not feel like making the short trek, the massive backyard with established garden beds and fruit trees will keep you happy and connected to nature.

We have only recently leased the house with a move-in date on 25 January. We have grand plans for the backyard - tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, blackberries. We have plans for a picnic area, ferry forest and maybe a sweat lodge! Ideas welcomed :)

We will be bringing many indoor plants - monsteras, zanzibar gems, cast iron plants, spider plants, devils ivey, maiden hair ferms, aloe and more. We would love help adding to the collection.

The place will have character. We will decorate with op shop treasures. We have ideas for a reading nook on the mezzanine, tranquil meditation/yoga/dance area in the front room, kiddy cubby/teepee, lounge space with projector (no TV or cable!). We would love your help decorating and nesting to make it an equal home for all of us.

Four bedrooms (master with ensuite) and 2.5 additional bathrooms, front lounge, central sitting/living room, kitchen with dishwasher and adjoining dining area, as well as heating, cooling and large double garage complete with kitchenette and internal entry. There is a shed in the back, too. I will be putting basic powerlifting weight set in the garage that anyone can use.

Two of the four rooms are available for rent. You will need to submit a rental application and join the lease.

Bedroom 1 - Rent is $230 pw. This is the front bedroom with a view of the garden. It comes with a large, but removeable wardrobe. It has its own bathroom one door over (not en suite). The size is 3.7m x 3.8m

Bedroom 2 - Rent is $200 pw. This room shares a bathroom with one other person. There are built in wardrobes and a view from the second floor. The size is 3.1m x 3.6m

NOTE: the photos are stock photos. The house is empty with decor to be done.


Nathan - I am employed full-time in social impact investing at a non-profit in the CBD. I am from Texas (in Aus over 4 years). I love gardening. I bike to work, and do not own a car. I regularly use the kitchen to cook massive batches of lentils and veg mmm. There is generally a couple of liters of kombucha brewing on the windowsills. I like to live in a clean house and follow Marie Kondo's approach to tidying up (sweet, Japanese grandma figure that says, 'everything has a home'). I start most of my days with a cup of tea and a stretch in the garden. I spend evenings chilling out - writing, foam rolling, maybe an episode of Adventure Time. After a particularly stressful day, I like to retreat to my bedroom for some cathartic release. On the weekends, I am either hanging out in the garden, reading, playing sport or getting out of the city for some nature time! My partner Claire, who does not live here, is the plant expert. You will see her around.

Tim - Australian male in late 30s. Graphic designer by day and musician by night.


You try to live in a sustainable way. For example, you keep the use of the heating/cooling to a minimum, and know some cool tricks on mimimising carbon footprint.

You are open-minded and curious about others. You have things your are passionate about and love sharing it with others.

You are self aware and try your best to communicate what you want directly. You love explicit consent. You are thoughtful and intentional in your actions.

You like a tidy house and dig the wisdom of Marie Kondo in the the "life-changing magic of tidying up" - 1) own only things you love, 2) everything has a place it belongs. You are open to a great cleaning roster strategy using involving beans :)

You are both 1) a mature adult and 2) playful / sensitive.

You are keen to help us make it a home for everyone with semi-communal living.

You are at least 25 yo.

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