Fitzroy North
Rent: $150pw Bond: $600
a bit communal, very communal, vegetarian, vegan, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, no tv

Hi great people,
We are hoping to find an awesome person for a unfurnished room
(4.3 * 3.5m). Available the 16th of february

we are:
-one female (25) - vegetarian, hospo, cycling, yoga, English working holiday, volunteering at Lentils
-one female (40) environmental science, cycling, skateboarding, vegan baking, Australian
(not a couple)
-adopted burmese cat (11) likes catching mice, sleeping, strictly inside at night.
Great location close to merri creek, tram 11/112 and 96, 506 bus
-quiet location on Brunswick East/Northcote border

We are looking for:
-long-term, house-trained
-friendly, reliable and considerate
-vegetarian/vegan who is looking for a home to invest their time and resources to enjoy living here together rather than a crash pad/storage unit
-you are great with open communication and dialogue
-you are engaged in some sort of work/& or study
-into some sharing some food stuffs/eat, cooking some sort of regularish vegan-freegan meals, eat and replace as the kitchen and sink is small
-eco-friendly/conscious, sustainability focus, minimising waste, composting, worm farm, bokashi bin
-can handle a old, unrenovated house
-happy to share house tasks like cleaning, vacuuming to keep it functional and contributing to a big vegie garden and weeding ( it is in the lease), apricot, olive, apple and banana
-long term/ongoing
-no bigots
-no smoking, incense, strong fragrance use etc for health reasons
-share bills including internet ($20/month).
If you think you would be a good fit please write to us with your how you would be a good fit


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