Bend Of islands
Rent: $772 plus bills Bond: we are not sure at the moment but in between 600 and 800
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, no tv

Hello so we have been living in this Home for more than a year and we love this place so much! one of the original housemates is moving out and we are looking for a friendly, sharing, human being to join us!
Florentina ( 29 years old) from Argentina but has lived in melbourne for a long time now. She studies Steiner education and loves doing crafts, being in the garden and studio painting or sculpting when she is not at home.
Maddelin (24 years old), she is as sweet as they come. Coooks wonderful breads and chocolate cookies, amongst other things. loves nature and will always lend a ear. :)
Nick (31 years old) , he is on its way to making films and spends a lot time writing and exploring his writting. Always keen for a deep conversation.

there is Sarah (29 years old) as well who lives in the granny cottage beside the house, she works at uni teaching nursing and is part in healing practices.
We have become a family and are looking for someone that will contribute and is keen on making projects, cooking, nature walking together.

there is a veggie garden that is an on going project
a green house where we grow seedling
as well as a studio space where there is room for different activities

florentina 0476255613

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