Ascot Vale
Rent: $700/month master bed, $410/month single bed Bond: $449 each if divided by 3 (total bond is $1347) plus a fee to get you on the lease
a bit communal, vegan, extra queer friendly, chemical free, no tv

Welcome! My name is Eneko (they/them pronouns). I'm in the second half of my twenties and I live in this gorgeous and sunny apartment with my 2 year old ginger cat, Ullr. My interests include pole fitness and dance, reading, and learning Auslan. The apartment is at the North end of the flats, upstairs (apologies it's not mobility aid accessible), with ample sunlight throughout the day. There is a small balcony on which I often sit and watch birds with my cat. He is an indoor friend, but enjoys supervised balcony time when the weather is good. The location is incredible! So many lovely places to walk to, and many amazing amenities very nearby. Including: Union Rd shopping strip, trains and trams to the city, the Maribyrnong river, parks and playgrounds, and so much more. I've kept the place minimally furnished, but I'm open to housing more plants if that's your jam (cat friendly of course). The kitchen is reasonably sized and the bathroom has a space for the washing machine, which I have installed. The bedrooms on offer are the master bedroom, which overlooks the neighbour's horse stables to the East. This room has an enormous built in robe and the room itself can easily fit a queen bed (maybe even larger?). The smaller room I think is more comfortable with a single bed, but a double can fit as well if you don't mind not having much space for other furniture. This room also has a built in robe. The window in this room overlooks the back garden to the North, where I'd like to start some planter boxes to grow veggies. We have one shared bathroom, with a separate toilet. Fair warning, I get easily stressed by mess and clutter, and worse by dirt. So I'm very much looking for house friends to join me on the understanding that things get put away, cleaned up, and minimal stuff is around the place. I'm environmentally and ethically conscious. For my health, I avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. I am extremely asthmatic so any smoking would absolutely be not allowed, I'm afraid. Even if you were outside, as once you come in the air you expire is still smoke filled. I practice a vegan life, and live by Quaker values that also guide my spiritual journey. Those are: simplicity, sustainability, community, peace, integrity, and equality. I'm open to any spiritual belief you may or may not have, and you can practice that here. All queer identities welcome. I am transmasculine non-binary and queer, and would be most comfortable with others who understand what this is. It is very important to me that we get along, so I am in no hurry to make a decision on who should join my home. I will ask lots of questions, and please also ask me lots of questions. It needs to be the right fit for both of us. I am, however, autistic and Hard of Hearing, so I ask that you be patient when communicating with me.

Eneko, text me on 0415533547, or email

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