Rent: $1125.80pcm ($260pw inc Utilities) Bond: $0
extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, chemical free

Fantastic Richmond location close to all transport (trains, tram, bus) and shops, Library, cafes etc, although the surrounds are now more commercial-looking than strictly residential.
Our place stands out as a green jungle oasis in a grey concrete desert - lots of birds and other critters!

The house is very small and very old, completely decorated and furnished in retro style, although the kitchen cupboards, stove, microwave and washing machine are modern. And YES the toilet, laundry and bathroom are indoors these days!
The room offered is 3.5m x 3.5m, polished boards, high ceiling, wallpapered (discrete stripe pattern) and fully furnished (single bed x 2 available) It has excellent morning light and is lockable.

We are an eclectic household. 20s male Aussie worker/student and female 45+ FIFO/community worker.(not related)

We are early risers leading very busy and active lives, working long hours and also involved in both voluntary and community work, but are quiet-living, so any students can easily focus on study, or shift-workers can get their rest.
We are completely non smoking, almost non drinking and do not tolerate aggression, drug use or similar destructive / addictive behaviours.
We prefer to not have pets due to the number of wild animals that haunt our place 24/7- possums, bats, birds (some rare!), lizards, bees.....we 'scant feed' things almost daily and our compost is un-lidded, so the possums raid it at night!. We never get fruit off our tree because the bats and possums take first pick. And last pick....and parrots eat everything in between!

Eco-conscious, semi vego and a fairly frugal recycling/upcycling/repurposing/repairing household, avoiding consumerism and minimizing waste as much as possible or practical. Hate over-packaged stuff so try to avoid packaged things if possible. Love Op shops....
We minimize chemical use, preferring natural 'elbow-grease' and vinegar & bicarb methods, but very occasionally have to break out something else.
Each occupant is responsible for their own food purchasing, cooking - although we do sometimes cook to share if time constraints allow it - and laundering, but shares regular cleaning tasks equally with others. We prefer people who do not have to be rostered, pushed or reminded to do the chores, but who just see something needs doing then pitches in, and who are of a naturally thoughtful, communicative and considerate team-worker personality type.

Bills (electricity, gas, water) and bedlinen/bedding are included in rent, as are SOME household basics. Unlimited ADSL internet is EXTRA $2.50 pw, if you don't have your own mobilephone data allowance.
Prefer rent payments as calendar month in advance ($1125.80) with ADSL fee of $ 10 per month on top, if you want to access it.
If you're thinking this is expensive rent, please remember that everything in the place is supplied - essentially you are just bringing your bags and yourself - and there are only 3 people living here including yourself. It is not overcrowded.

Nell - v/m 0428 477 100 - the screen is cactus, so cant read texts!

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