Thornbury/West Preston
Rent: $663 per month Bond: $633
a bit communal, very communal, vegetarian, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, no tv

Lovely 3 bedroom house, very near Merri Creek. One room available now, one in a month. Long-term preferred but short is possible.
Both are small/medium rooms with good light and built in storage.
The house is an old super-cute weatherboard. Floorboards, lotsa communal space, with lounge & dining room, big backyard, plenty of garden space (needs work), and big shed (needs work). Access is via 4 steps at front, 5 steps at back.

Ace location, a short stroll to No11 tram, Merri creek and cafes. The 86 tram is 15-20min walk, Thornbury and Moreland train stations are a short bike ride away. There's a driveway for car people.

You'll be living with a charming, goofy queerbo (47), who likes a kitchen chat, laughs, political vent, and community radio. Also a part-time staffy-cross, 13 years old, short-haired and adorable. I (she/her) have several casual jobs, volunteer, and am part homebody (crossword anyone?), part social beast who is out a fair bit. I like attending gigs, art stuff and community and cultural events like a born and bred Melbourne wanker.

The house has been communal food/shopping in the past and has worked very well, roughly $50 p week kitty. However, I'm totally open to ANY arrangement at all. Currently am not buying purely organic, and often receive dumpstered food, mainly coz budget.
*Bills are split between 3, or however many.
*There is two spare mattresses (1Q,1D) and one bed base, if needed.
*House doesn't need more furniture, although upgrades are very welcome. And incorporating your fave things can happen, of course.
*Am open to considering kidlets, queer couples but probably not pets (my dog is best w humans).

Potential housemates should be:
-Queer/queer ally, SW-friendly, poly-friendly. Not transphobic. Across pronoun use
-Age 18-55 (I've lived w all ages, happily)
-Environmentally and socially aware, compassionately left-leaning, feminist types
-Trying to reduce their plastic consumption
-Vegetarian and Non-ciggie-smoker at home (can do what you like out-obvs) eg: I eat meat elsewhere, but not at home.
-respectful, cleanish and kind
-laugh at my dumb jokes, or make me laugh, sometimes...
Not essential at all, but it's a bonus for me if you own a record player, are good with bikes, love dogs.

Fiona (ph/txt/email): 0422 932 599

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