Coburg, East Brunswick, Thornbury, Preston
Rent: up to approx $900 each per month Bond: $
a bit communal, extra queer friendly, organic food, has a veggie patch, chemical free, no tv

Hi awesome Earth loving folk,

I'm looking to find and start an idyllic new home sanctuary somewhere in the inner north with some wonderful new people within the next 6 weeks.

I'd like to find people with similar values to me who actually look good on paper too! (For real estate applications...Unfortunately I don't look great.)

I'm a 38 yr old gal, responsible and mature but super open-minded and youthful in my attitude and zest for life. I'm an ex-performer and currently I run my own small business teaching and facilitating workshops, classes and privates in what I could call expressive movement therapy. I also work part time in a health food store, sing in a band, and still do some acting gigs from time to time.

I want to live in a peaceful, joyous home with grounded, positive, inspired, respectful, enviro-aware folk (turning off lights, conserving energy, minimal plastic use, composting, recycling etc) who love to do a bit of vegie gardening, sharing the odd organic meals (I'm a very infrequent ethical meat eater but mainly vego) and of course having regular spontaneous dance and opera eruptions in the kitchen.

In community living I highly value honest and respectful communication, consideration for others' space and needs (this requires a certain maturity of perception and awareness of your own and others boundaries) and a good synergy with all housemates who can enjoy each others company and have a sense of family yet still be committed to their own missions and creative projects. Ideally I want to live with professionals or people who are active and committed to their life's work, whatever that is.

So, that means mature people who have done a good bit of self development work over the years is a must for me, so that there is harmony in the house and we all know how to look after ourselves. Also I am ONLY interested in sharing a home with people who are house-proud like myself and who not only always clean up after themselves but they happily contribute to all the other shared cleaning duties of the house and love to live in a beautiful, inviting and clutter-free space. (Messy people need not apply!)

My background (apart from the performing arts) is in Counselling, Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Permaculture, Birth Support Work, Body Mind Centering and also many kinds of dance, yoga, martial arts and meditation. I am passionate about health and leading a wholesome, exciting life of travel, learning and adventure and I don't smoke, and I very rarely drink. That said, I do know how to let my hair down ;-) I love to share conversations over cups of tea and I'm a lover of people, nature, cloud watching, bush walking, swimming in rivers, going to festivals and to see live music.

So if I sound like someone you could possibly enjoy living with, and you are looking to move soon and would like to start a conversation with me then please write me an email. Perhaps we can join forces and make the house-hunting process a little easier!


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