Rent: 650 Bond: 460
very communal, vegetarian, vegan, extra queer friendly, has a veggie patch, chemical free, no tv

Hi folk!

Two rooms up for grabs, one 14th July-15th October and the other July 19th-August 15th. The former is a spacious sunrise bedroom, with hardwood frame queen bed, cupboards/wardrobe, desk, plants, view and warm morning sun.
 The latter is slightly smaller but light-filled with hardwood floors. No pets or couples sorry (although we love both!) and the rooms are upstairs, so are not accessible. LGBTIQA+ and BIPOC friendly. :)

The Manor is an amazing intentionally community oriented home with shared meals and more.
Theres plenty of indoor/outdoor hang spaces, creative spaces, a cranking veggie garden, outdoor bath, honey bees and lemon trees.

Its just over the road from the Merri creek, bush reserves, the northcote highschool sports ground, and down the hill from the food and music of high st. Very close to good bike paths and public transport lines.

We'll clear out the cupboards and wardrobe so you have plenty of room for your things.

Costs are, $650 per month, 2k for for the whole time for the longer sublet, and $526 for the shorter
plus $80/week for all food and bills

Please have a read of the following info on the manor, and if you are interested in the sublet, send me a short 2-3 minute video briefly introducing yourself and speaking to why you would like to sublet at the manor and how you perceive you’d fit in.

you can message me here or email at as soon as possible.

about the manor
We're proud to live in an extraordinary 7-person intentionally communal share home. Our house has affectionately been nicknamed “The Manor” because although big (8 bedrooms!), it’s hardly a manor. Rather, it’s shambly, crumbly, full of character, and very well loved by successive generations of big dreaming “Manorites” who have made their nest here.

The Manor was formed years ago by a bunch of people who envisioned great potential in a less than legal boarding house in sad state of disrepair. Carpets were ripped up, walls painted, chickens brought, soils tended and planted. Lots of discussions were had about how to create a fun and functional community with heart and purpose. Over the years a range of physical aspects of the house have been DIY renovated and beautified. Also, many processes of community have been developed and redeveloped in the dynamic experience of living and working together. It’s an exciting and beautiful evolution to be part of.

- food in the home is shared. There is a meal on the table most nights of the week that is cooked by whoever has the time and inspiration, and eaten gratefully by anyone who is around.
- The house is vegetarian, but many living here are not.
- We have a shared bank account for all our food, bills and other house purchases
- We shop ethically where possible.
- An abundant garden and outdoor chillspace for lush sunny days
- A guest bedroom / study / project space
- A garage / workshop with storage space
- We have regular house meetings to discuss any issues, plan occasional parties or gatherings, and avoid unnecessary conflict
- We regularly have film nights, pot lucks, parties and performances at The Manor

We get along really well together and there is very little history of conflict or tension in the house. We see this as a result of fostering a culture of open and thorough communication where there are always forums to air concerns or wishes and any forms of passive-aggressive conduct just wouldn’t fly. We all have rich independent lives outside the house making the world a better place through our work and enjoying the world in our play.

wonderful housemates are
Anna Lehmann Thomson a compassionate queer comedian, serious about silliness, Jon Drews DIY whizz and creative cook Marty Stringer a conservation film maker and kombucha brewer, Rita Bee eco-resilience facilitator, Andreas Alexandra gentle soul with an interest in fire ecology and Sylvia a multi linguist and teacher at melb uni who isn't on facebook

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