Australian Volunteers International is Australia's largest and most experienced international volunteer sending agency. Every year AVI prepare and support hundreds of Australians who volunteer to live alongside people of other cultures and work towards the sustainable development of communities. AVI's work is aimed at creating a peaceful and just world through greater cross-cultural understanding. It is built on an ethos of partnership, teamwork and consultation.

In the last 50 years AVI have placed more than 6000 Australian Volunteers in 70 countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Most assignments are for 2 years, allowing time for volunteers to adjust, integrate and contribute to a host community. However, there are a limited number of positions for shorter periods of between one and two years. For young Australians (age 18+), AVI also offer shorter-term, team-based opportunities for 8-12 weeks.

71 Argyle Street (PO Box 350) Fitzroy VIC 3065
03 9279 1788
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