ICV works to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and promote reconciliation by taking a unique approach to community and human development that fosters a spirit of empowerment and collaboration. Indigenous communities are not simply consumers of services, but active participants. ICV works directly with and at the invitation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, organisations and communities. We unite them with a national network of skilled volunteers from backgrounds as diverse as childcare, technology, manufacturing, law and medicine. Our practices are participatory and inclusive. We ensure that we are doing things ‘with’ rather than ‘to’ or ‘for’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. We have regional offices across Australia employing Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff. At present, there is a high demand for regionally-based volunteers to assist with longer term community projects.

1/67 Townshend Street, Phillip ACT
Regional offices in Melbourne, Dubbo, Brisbane, Cairns, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth.
1800 819 542

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