The Poo Crew

Full time, fixed term
New South Wales

Natural Event has designed and operates the most effective, practical, enjoyable and appraised toilet system for festivals, events and gatherings where people poo. Natural Event was created after the organisers of the Festival of ‘Folk Rhythm and Life’, in Victoria Australia, came to understand that the toilet system they had created to cater for their three day festival, had national and international relevance.

Natural Event has risen to meet the demand that festivals have around the world, a demand that starts with the need to respect. Respect for the patrons, respect to the use of water and respect for the reduction in energy needed to transport and treat the previously massive quantities of waste produced.Working opportunities available span from, local and regional work, to world travel and placements in development situations.

We are looking for Branch Managers, Team Managers and Crew
Working opportunities available span from, local and regional work, to world travel and placements in development situations. Natural Event has both paid and volunteer positions at festivals in Australia, the UK and the USA. The collective name for the gang is ‘The Poo Crew.’ You would be required to assemble our flat packing system and other model loos after training, and maintain them during the events. Working on the Poo Crew may also extend to transportation, depot and administrative positions.

Who are you?
Well firstly some one who like festivals. You have an interest in environmental living and practice, support the arts, might like painting, and enjoy physical work. You are practical, organised & capable of working in a team environment, leading at times and following instructions where necessary. You can handle the pressure of deadlines, and are willing to work to meet the need. You might play music yourself, but definitely enjoy traveling and camping with friends old and new. You need to be able to handle compliments given to you by random members of the public if they know you are on the Poo Crew. You like laughter.

Any extension on standard drivers license, or machinery operator tickets are beneficial.

If you think you have any of these qualities and want to join the Poo Crew please get in touch.

Positions available

Australia and New Zealand
Positions available mostly from October – April in southern states
May – August in North Qld

Positions available mostly from May – September

United States
Stay tuned for opportunities

To apply, get in touch via the email addresses above and let us know your skills and experience.Visit our website for more information about us.

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