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Ecoshout is designed as a catalyst to action for those campaigning for environmental and social justice and a sustainable future.

Ecoshout exists to facilitate the conservation, protection and restoration of Australia’s environment by providing information, resources and support to any group or individual actively working towards these ends.

There's lots of different ways Ecoshout can support you to lighten your ecological footprint and get involved in creating a healthier more equitable planet - whether you want to find out what's happening around Australia; join in an event or campaign; find like-minded people to live with; volunteer or work in a social change organisation; or launch your own campaign. Find out how you can join in.

For those already active in the environment and social justice movement - ecoshout belongs to you, it is your tool. Use it to promote your events and campaigns, get people involved and get your message out. Find out how to promote your campaign.

Want to support grassroots environment and social justice groups with us? Find out how you can lend your support.


Sarah Day


Sarah Day founded Ecoshout in 2004 because she didn't want to work for evil and no one could tell her what to do with herself. After ten years working in community development, including a three year stint managing Australia's only community owned self-managed building, she now spends her time writing and webbing for environment and social justice groups; communing with wildlife; frolicking in nature and campaigning - with particular but not exclusive love - for the protection of Australia's wildlife and old growth forests.

Kath Angus

Vice Chairperson

Kath Angus has been working in youth and environmental organisations since before she even finished her philosophy degree - most recently with Live and Learn, an organisation that supports environmental and community projects in the Asia Pacific. Now she does the same thing, but a lot more philosophically. Kath contributes to community campaigns on climate change, stands between trees and bulldozers in the Central Highlands and recently put in some hard yards as community organiser for The Greens. Kath aspires to be a professional contrarian and an unprofessional surfer.

Patricia Lauria picture


Patricia Lauria has many many many years of experience running community organisations with a strong emphasis on social justice and self advocacy. She's managed Ross House Association and Vanish, was a founder of the Tullamarine neighbourhood house and is currently the CEO of Monash Volunteer Resource Centre.

Founding members

In 2011, Ecoshout incorporated and these excellent people were there to make it happen: Tania Lee, Amber Moore, Nikki-Fay Baxter (committee member), Ani Loriente (committee member), James Grant, Nathalie Michel, Katie Stoll (committee member), French Will, Heidi Peart, Annie Sloman, Claire McCall and Nate.

Tech stuff

The Ecoshout website was designed and made by us, is hosted by Media Insights (thanks Luke Hodge) and runs on Drupal open source software. We use MailChimp open source software to send emails and run our computers on Green Power.

Contact us

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