A new world is on the way. Together we are creating a zero emissions, zero waste, environmentally and socially just world. Help it happen.

Because we want to save forests not just hug trees, because we want to live in a community not a shopping spree, because we want the whole history - whose land are we walking on? - because we want to start here and now.

Some of the actions, events and protest kicking off now:

Bushfire relief for East Gippsland community and wildlife

by Eco-shout

Friday 10 of January 2020

While the Australian government utterly fails to provide adequate fire fighting resources, recovery funding, intervention for hungry and injured wildlife impacted by fire, or desperately needed climate action, donations and support are flooding in from people across the country and overseas.

Logging halted near Kinglake: locals say no to business as usual


Tuesday 15 of October 2019

For the second week in a row, local residents have walked into an active logging coupe and disrupted operations to bring attention to the ongoing destruction of Victoria's forests.