A new world is on the way. Together we are creating a zero emissions, zero waste, environmentally and socially just world. This fight for our future begins with listening to and walking with First Nations people in the struggle for self-determination, justice and Sovereignty. Help it happen.

Because we want to save forests not just hug trees, because we want to live in a community not a shopping spree, because we want the whole story - whose land are we walking on? Because we want to start here and now.

Some of the actions, events and protest kicking off now:

Logging shut down in eight coupes across Vic and NSW

By Eco-shout

Monday 29 of June 2020

Logging operations were shut down en mass across Victoria and in NSW today for the second time as Traditional Owners, regional communities and climate and conservation groups call for an immediate end to logging in native forests.

Logging shut down across Victoria: seven protests in one day


Wednesday 10 of June 2020

Logging operations were shut down across Victoria on Tuesday with protesters entering active coupes in Lakes Entrance, Mt Cole, Toolangi, Warburton, Cambarville, Baw Baw and Noojee.