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Eco-shout is a catalyst to action for environmental and social justice.

Because we want to save forests not just hug trees, because we want to live in a community not a shopping spree, because we want the whole history - whose land are we walking on? - because we want to start here and now...

There are heaps of ways to change the world. Get informed, get some eco-ninja skills, find an active group in our directory, join in, volunteer, get a job that's good for people and the planet, get inspired. Check out all the grassroots events that are already happening around Australia:

Decolonising solidarity: how to not be accidentally annoying and racist when working with Indigenous people

By Clare Land

Sunday 30 of August 2015

Aboriginal people are at the forefront of many environmental campaigns around Australia. However, managing the relationship with environmental allies can become a struggle in itself. In her new book Decolonizing Solidarity, Clare Land explores the dynamics between these two groups who together could become a more powerful force.

Gasland Refugees: right or left it's all bad gas

By Peter Ralph

Monday 10 of August 2015

Author Peter Ralph who identifies as a political conservative would have laughed if you'd told him five years ago he'd end up writing an exposé on unconventional gas. Gasland Refugees is now hot off the press and Peter isn't at all amused by the damage being done in Queensland and New South Wales.