350.org Training

350.org is an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-centred renewable energy for all. Through our training website you can build people power and capacity to run effective campaigns and movements to tackle the climate crisis. Find tools, skills, resources for yourself, your group, your campaign and your trainings. Access training agendas for trainers, organisers and facilitators, online courses, case studies, downloadable guides and much more to give you the confidence and skills to take action for the climate.


Centre for Australian Progress

The Centre for Australian Progress is a new organisation dedicated to building the advocacy capacity of Australia's civil society. Our key programs include training, community building events and incubation of new collaborative projects. We work to help Australian campaigners be more than the sum of their parts. Through coordination, messaging research, knowledge sharing and skills-training we help campaigners deliver at a higher level. Where the social sector lacks the capacity or forward-planning to engage in public debate on vital issues facing Australia, we help incubate major coalitions and new ventures.


Climate for Change

Climate for Change offers training in facilitation and fellowships in fundraising and communications for people who want to campaign for climate change action. Facilitators are trained to run our Climate Conversations in people’s homes. These Conversations are part presentation, part facilitated discussion. Being a facilitator also involves supporting hosts prior to their Conversations to ensure their success. Our 2020 Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for up to 25 people with passion, drive and initiative to develop skills and experience valuable to the not-for-profit and climate sectors, while making a tangible difference to Climate for Change and the work that we do.


Commons Social Change Library

The Commons Social Change Library is an online collection of free resources.

We gather resources from Australia and around the world on a broad range of topics including campaign strategy, organising, digital campaigning, communications and media, working effectively in groups, diversity and inclusion and much more. Our materials include videos, podcasts, articles, manuals, how-to-guides, book reviews and much more.

The Commons exists to support the efforts of people working for social change by connecting you with skills and information.



Make your actions count! CounterAct was launched to support communities in taking effective, creative, strategic action on issues of environmental and social justice.

Across the country we are seeing a growing network of concerned citizens taking on large multinationals and government to defend their right to clean air, water, a safe climate and for social justice. CounterAct the corporate-government system with training and skills to grow your community or campaign. CounterAct will be providing training in direct action skills, campaigning and community organising across Australia. We aim to increase capacity and skills amongst grassroots activists whilst encouraging a culture of skill sharing, on-training and making activism accessible for everyday folk.

Check out the resources available to strengthen your campaign on our website. Keep up to date about training and skillshares held across Australia.


Diaspora Action Australia

DAA provides training opportunities for diaspora organisations promoting human rights in places of war and conflict. This includes relevant training from external sources and specifically designed workshops coordinated by DAA including organisational development, fundraising and campaigning.

These sessions combine theory and practical so participants can build their activism skills. They also provide an open space for collaboration and networking with other community organisations.

Workshops are facilitated by people who have specialised knowledge, often through first-hand experience of conflict, and offer real-world advice about how to find practical support and resources in Australia.


Friends of the Earth Melbourne

FoE Melbourne is a social and environmental justice organisation that along with running its own campaigns, supports groups and individuals to start their own campaign or get trained up in activist skills such as facilitation, social media, organising events and actions and all the things you need to make social change. You can get skilled up with FoE by becoming a member and joining in skillshares or becoming a volunteer and taking part in one of FoE's current campaigns including Act on Climate, River Country, Nuclear Free, Sustainable Cities and more.


Organise Us

OrganiseUs is a creative studio for social good. We are communications, campaign, digital, data, fundraising and design specialists. We craft creative digital solutions to complex problems. We proudly share our skills, offering in-depth training programs across digital strategy, tools, design and organising.

The biggest challenge facing people working towards social change is access to hands-on training in the skills, tools and tactics to run effective campaigns. OrganiseUs is changing that. The OrganiseUs Digital Intensive training curriculum has been compiled by Australia's best trainers, organisers and campaigners, in collaboration with the former New Organizing Institute in Washington, DC, Campaign Bootcamp in London, and through the generous support of Oxfam Australia.


Plan to Win

Plan to Win assists individuals and groups to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world. The challenges we face on our planet today require powerful social movements made up of passionate, skilled and resilient leaders. There are lessons to be learnt from past movements, useful tools and theories, and abundant creativity to keep coming up with fresh solutions. Plan to Win works with you to: clarify your vision for the future, understand current power relationships and political context, develop effective campaigns, grow your organisation, deepen and broaden the capacity of your people and build community power for change.


The Change Agency

The Change Agency is an independent social movement education initiative. We work with community organisers and activists in the Australia Pacific region to help people win social and environmental change. We develop, collect and share tools to help activists and community organisers define and achieve their goals. We research social change to learn what works, and draw on action research to inform our facilitation and educational work. We lead workshops with people working for a just, sustainable and peaceful world.


The Sunrise Project

The Sunrise Project is a lean collaborative outfit that educates, supports and empowers Australian communities to protect our land, water, community health and the global climate from the negative impacts of the fossil fuel industry, and to hasten the inevitable shift to an efficient, renewable energy economy. The Project provides information, training, strategy support, research and analysis and small grants for organisations and communities that are striving to change the world for the better – in line with our mission and vision.

Our program focuses on: making the regulatory system work, protecting water resources and food producing land, protecting community health, protecting the Great Barrier Reef, global environmental justice and separation of coal and the state.


Tipping Point

We don’t build groups in our name - we support grassroots groups to flourish and win national climate campaigns. Rather than running multiple campaigns, we work on one mission at a time and support the movement to scale up until we win. Our mission right now is to grow the Australian grassroots climate movement by building and supporting grassroots networks to help win campaigns that keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate us towards clean energy for all. Currently, our focus is stopping Adani’s coal mine. Get in touch to find out how you can help turbocharge the most effective networks for climate change action in Australia right now.


VOCSS Clearing House

The Victorian Council of Social Services Training and Development Clearinghouse is a centralised, user-friendly and community sector-specific service designed to assist community sector organisations to find training quickly and simply. The clearinghouse includes a database of recommended trainers, a calendar of low cost training, conferences, seminars and events and advice for community groups who want to engage a skilled volunteer.


Women's Environmental Leadership Australia

Leadership in Australia has failed to respond to the environmental and climate crises we face. We will not get out of them by relying on the same leadership that got us into them – outdated leadership that has enabled environmental destruction, inequality and marginalisation of diverse voices. Our leadership programs support women and gender diverse people who want to accelerate positive change for our environment and climate. The programs support participants to identify their own approach to leadership, to recognise and step into their power to influence, and to overcome the barriers they face.

We are building a community of women and gender diverse people leading positive change for our environment and climate.

Our fundraising supplements our program running costs to keep prices lower and we provide a range of full and partial scholarships.

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